About Us

The Proven Winners brand is comprised of four family-owned wholesale nurseries throughout the US:

Pleasant View Gardens and Four Star Greenhouses for annuals, Walters Gardens for perennials, and Spring Meadow Nursery for shrubs. And that’s us: since 2004, we have been the licensed partner to select, develop, introduce, and market Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs. It’s been a fantastic partnership: we’re all passionate about great plants, so gardeners of all skill level get great results with minimal effort.

Our team searches the world to find the best new flowering shrubs and evergreens. We look for plants that do more of what you love about plants in the first place: more flowers, new colors, and disease resistance. We also look for unique habits that make it easier to include plants in your life, as well as non-invasive varieties and native alternatives to invasive species. 

Every shrub we consider for introduction is subject to a series of tests to make sure it outperforms what’s already on the market – not just for you as a home gardener, but also for the growers and garden centers up the supply chain. We are committed to the success of everyone who buys and uses our shrubs, which is why we also try our best to provide the information and support you need to grow them like a professional.

How to Find Our Plants

Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs are not all grown in one single location and then distributed throughout the US and Canada. Rather, all of our plants start out as liners – small starter plants grown here at Spring Meadow Nursery. We ship these to growers across North America who pot them into larger containers and grow them into the larger sizes you purchase in garden centers. This ensures that when you purchase our shrubs, they were regionally or maybe even locally grown; it also helps minimize shipping costs and damage. However, it also means that we have no way of knowing which garden centers sell which of our varieties. 

3 shrubs in nursery pots

About this Site

We created provenwinnerscolorchoice.com for a couple of reasons. One, as a way to help gardeners find which of our 300+ varieties will do best for their climate and look best in their landscapes. Second, we wanted to give gardeners a way to create a wishlist of those plants that you can print and take to your local garden center so they can help you find the plants you want. Finally, we created this site as a complement to our Gardening Simplified Landscape Guide, which you can read online here .

We know that navigating the horticultural world can feel a bit like learning a new language, or traveling to a different planet. We also know you have a lot of different choices when you go to the garden center. All of us here at Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs truly appreciate your consideration and support, and we consider it an honor and privilege to be a part of your home. Thank you!


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