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Roses are easier to grow than ever before! And although the days of constant diligence with deadheading and obsessive chemical applications are over, there is still a little work to be done. Put in some time with your Proven Winners ColorChoice roses this spring, and you’ll reap the benefits all summer. Let’s quickly go over all of their care needs, so you can have your best year yet!


  • After its first year in the ground, your rose is established. It will only need supplemental water if there are extended periods without precipitation.
  • To help with moisture retention, apply a 2-3″ layer of bark mulch around the base, but not touching the stems.
  • When you water, do so at ground level. Roes do not like overhead sprinkler systems that regularly get their leaves wet.


  • During its first year in the ground, it won’t need any fertilizer. Growers will have given it ample fertilizer for this period.
  • Every year after, apply a granular fertilizer formulated for flowering shrubs in early spring.

Preventing Pest and Disease Pressure

  • Proper placement is your best friend. Give your rose a generous amount of space between other plants in the garden. And don’t plant it right next to a wall. This location inherently has poor airflow.
  • If you read the last point and panicked, don’t worry. Spring is the perfect time for transplanting most shrubs and perennials. Just move things around a bit.
  • Thin out spindly inner branches every year. This helps air flow through the shrub and prevents it from getting stressed, which attracts pests.  



  • There’s more to know beyond these elements! From choosing the right rose, to planting, to winter care. Watch our 10-part series on roses in the link below.

Easy on the eyes. I dare you to decide which feature is your favorite. Fresh melon-pink blooms? Dramatic pink buds? The handsome shade of pale lilac on mature flowers? The marvelous combination of all three at once? It’s gorgeous all season long, thanks to great disease resistance and a truly long bloom period.

  • full sun (6+ hours of direct sun)
  • 2-3 ft. tall and 3 ft. wide
  • USDA zones 4-8

Is my Proven Winners ColorChoice rose own-root or grafted?

All of our roses are own-root. This means that the entire plant you get is true to type. Anything that pops up from the ground will be the rose you expect. It also means you don’t have to worry about using any complicated overwintering techniques.

Get ready to prune your roses! Watch the how-to video here.

Learn the basics of plant pairings just in time to make some interesting changes to your space this spring! 

Talk hedges with Stacey and Rick! Evergreen or deciduous, you’ll be inspired.

Written by
Kristina Howley

Kristina Howley

I am all in when it comes to gardening. Almost every part of the experience delights me – new leaves emerging in spring, pollinators buzzing in summer, birds devouring berries in fall, and the somber beauty of seed heads in winter. Thanks to a background in horticulture and gardening my own clay-filled, flowery USDA zone 5b plot, I’ve learned plenty of practical things as well. I like sharing these joys and lessons with my fellow gardeners and soon-to-be gardeners any way I can.


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