Double Play Spireas

What sets our Spirea apart? We develop and select every plant for superior color and landscape-worthy habits. Double Play spirea are super showy from the time their first leaf buds emerge until the time the last leaf drops in fall. Blissfully quick to produce, they are always in demand by landscapers and homeowners alike.

  • DOUBLE PLAY® Artisan® Spirea

    This is an improvement over older spirea varieties as it has rich spring foliage color and vibrant early summer flowers. The plant is a compact, full bodied mound with a very consistent habit that is excellent for Mass plantings. It does not produce the unappealing albino shoots that ‘Anthony Waterer’ can.

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  • 3D Model

    Cool blue-green foliage is an excellent backdrop to this plant’s crisp white blooms. Hints of burgundy in the new growth foreshadow the rich red foliage color it develops in the fall. This variety has a more graceful habit and restrained color than most other varieties, and is an elegant choice for low maintenance landscapes.

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    Perfectly walking the line between quirky and elegant, Double Play Dolly spirea has a whole new color story to enjoy. In its foliage you’ll find mature candy apple green leaves on the interior, chartreuse leaves near the outside, and orangey-red new growth perfectly peppering the top. It blooms from late spring until the last breaths of summer, adding complexity to this fabulous riot of color. Its flowers are bright purple and grow from reddish-green stems that match the color of the new growth nicely. You’ll love finding ways to use this new color combination in your gardens, the possibilities are endless. Beyond its obvious colorful appeal, its easy going nature has earned it a place in the front row. It naturally has a neat, compact habit, will draw in pollinators to observe for months on end, and doesn’t attract deer or wilt under drought.

    Why grow Double Play Dolly® spirea?

    • Totally new color combination with foliage and flowers
    • Extremely long blooming
    • Low maintenance with no need to prune or worry about deer
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  • DOUBLE PLAY® Gold Spirea

    Abundant pink flowers cover this compact, low mounded spirea in early summer. This variety has a tidy, consistent habit and outstanding color.

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  • DOUBLE PLAY® Red Spirea

    The spring foliage emerges dark burgundy red, then matures to dark green. The early summer flowers are raspberry red. This variety has a darker, deeper color palette than other spirea varieties, making it a useful addition to the garden designer’s low-maintenance plant palette.

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  • Discontinued
    DOUBLE PLAY® Painted Lady® Spirea

    Unlike other variegated spireas, this variety has very stable variegation and a consistent habit. Brightly variegated yellow and green foliage is accented with hot pink flowers in late spring. It is a bold splash of color for mixed borders or patio containers.

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  • Discontinued
    DOUBLE PLAY® Pink Spirea

    Spring foliage emerges dark red before changing to dark green; abundant pure pink flowers cover the plant in early summer. This variety has a superior, dense habit and exceptional flower display.

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