Easy Garden-Inspired Holiday Crafts

I’ll take pretty much any excuse to get out into the garden, even if it’s just for a moment. So that’s what I’m giving you! A chance to step out into your garden, breathe the crisp air, and gather a few sprigs of some flat evergreen foliage*, like Pinpoint® Blue false cypress or North Pole® arborvitae. Then you’ll almost be ready to make some garden inspired holiday crafts like these. 

*Don’t worry about taking 10 or so cuttings from your evergreens, it won’t do any harm. Just be sure not to cut into a branch that’s thicker than a pencil.

Gift packages that are hand stamped with an evergreen pattern
A hand stamped evergreen style holiday ornament.

Make gift tags, ornaments, gift wrap, wall decor, and whatever else you dream up! Just gather a few materials and meet me in one of the links below to get started.

You’ll need a roll of brown craft paper or construction paper, white paint (and red if you’re feeling splashy), a paintbrush, a paper plate, glue, twine, and scissors.

Three more garden-inspired activities if you’ve really got the crafting itch:

North Pole® Arborvitae

This steady performer wows us all throughout the year, but especially in the wintertime. Its sharp, pyramidal habit pops in any landscape and its healthy  evergreen foliage brightens gardens with or without snow. With its small footprint, it fits and looks at home in most gardens.

  • full sun (6+ hours) to part sun (4-6 hours)
  • 10-15 ft. tall and 3-5 ft. wide
  • USDA zones 3-8

Are there any plants I should avoid putting on my tablescape?

Perhaps. First, if your guests might eat the decor, avoid putting any winterberry or dried hydrangeas within easy reach. Both of these will cause an upset tummy. Second, if the table or tablecloth is precious to you, avoid using woody branches of evergreens, as they might leak sap or resin. If none of those apply to you, then decorate away!

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Kristina Howley

I am all in when it comes to gardening. Almost every part of the experience delights me – new leaves emerging in spring, pollinators buzzing in summer, birds devouring berries in fall, and the somber beauty of seed heads in winter. Thanks to a background in horticulture and gardening my own clay-filled, flowery USDA zone 5b plot, I’ve learned plenty of practical things as well. I like sharing these joys and lessons with my fellow gardeners and soon-to-be gardeners any way I can.


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