Let's Dance Can Do!®

Reblooming Hydrangea (H. macrophylla x serrata)
Flowering Shrub of the Year

Care information

Full to part sun is best in cooler climates (USDA zones 4-6); part sun is recommended in warmer areas, with shade especially during the hottest part of the day. 

Moist but well-drained soil is best. Flower color is impacted by the soil pH, with pink colors in neutral to alkaline soil and blue/lavender in acidic conditions. 

Average water needs. Avoid soggy or wet sites. 

Nothing special required. If desired, you may apply a granular fertilizer formulated for flowering woody plants in late winter/early spring.

Pruning is not generally recommended. Although its flower buds are formed on both old wood and new wood, any cuts will impact its flowering potential. Deadheading can be done after bloom, just follow the stem down to the first set of leaves and cut ¼ of an inch above them.

Although they make a beautiful cut flower, keep in mind that harvesting can impact the future flower display.

No other reblooming hydrangea blooms more reliably and consistently than Let’s Dance Can Do hydrangea. It’s the reblooming hydrangea that actually reblooms!

Let's Dance Can Do pink hydrangea in a white pot

A Hydrangea with a Trick up Its Sleeve

Let’s Dance Can Do!® sets its flower buds along the entire length of the stem, not merely at the tips. This means that if this hydrangea is cut back, or damaged by cold temperatures, those lower old wood buds will still develop into flowers. It’s a huge leap forward in achieving success with hydrangeas for landscapers, home gardeners, growers, and retailers alike. Abundant, semi-double, star-like florets make the lacecap flowers very showy.
Let's Dance Can Do hydrangea with dark foliage

Additional Information


Hydrangea macrophylla x serrata 'SMNHSI' PP#32,548, CBRAF


4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9






Early summer through fall


Full Sun, Part Shade


Containers, Foundations


Alkaline soil, Attracts pollinators, Clay soil, Cut flower, Reblooming, Salt tolerant

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