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Reblooming Big Leaf Hydrangea
Hydrangea of the Year


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Care information

In cooler climates, Let’s Dance Sky View hydrangea can be grown in full sun, provided it is mulched and gets sufficient water. In warmer climates, part sun is recommended, with shade during the hottest part of the day. 

Any average, well-drained soil will do. Soil pH affects flower color, with blue tones developing in acidic soils that contain aluminum, and alkaline soils or those low in aluminum favoring the development of pink flowers. 

Average water needs. May need supplemental water during periods of hot, dry weather. Frequent wilting of hydrangeas may indicate too much sun, or poor drainage – check soil moisture before watering unnecessarily. 

Nothing special required. If desired, you may apply a granular fertilizer formulated for flowering woody plants in late winter/early spring and continue monthly through late July. 

As a reblooming big leaf hydrangea, Let’s Dance Sky View flowers on both old and new wood. However, for the best display, we recommend that you treat it as you would other old wood blooming hydrangeas and avoid pruning except to remove any dead wood in spring. If it is pruned or experiences severe winter damage, however, its substantially improved new wood blooming ability means you’ll still get flowers to enjoy later in the season. 

Although they make a beautiful cut flower, keep in mind that harvesting can impact the future flower display, and never cut more than one-third of the flowers on a plant.

Let’s Dance Sky View hydrangea combines the big, bold, colorful blooms of big leaf hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla) with the cold and frost tolerance of mountain hydrangea (Hydrangea serrata). This gives Let’s Dance Sky View hydrangea superior old and new wood blooming performance, whether you’re in chilly USDA zone 4, steamy USDA zone 9, or anywhere in between.

Let's Dance Sky View hydrangea in a white pot

A pastel Rainbow

In any kind of soil pH, Let’s Dance Sky View® has the loveliest sky-colored hue, just like a sunrise. Breezy light blue, soft lavender, or icy pink. Sometimes you’ll even get all three colors on one plant! Its floral show starts out honeydew-green, with the edges of the sepals tinged blue, pink, or lavender. For gardeners who yearn for a blue hydrangea, this one is very easy to turn. The light hue makes a perfect companion to other blue flowering plants, adding depth to your color palette. Its mid-size habit fits nicely into container displays, mixed beds, and at the front of the border. 

Let’s Dance Sky View hydrangea will end hydrangea disappointment for good. We know, because we specifically developed it to do just that. Grow it and see for yourself!

A close up of a green and blue/purple bloom on Let's Dance Sky View hydrangea
multi color pastel blossoms

Additional Information


Hydrangea macrophylla × serrata 'SMNHSME' PP#34,327; CBRAF


4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9








Full Sun, Part Sun


Borders, Containers, Foundations, Low Hedges, Mass Planting, Specimen


Alkaline soil, Clay soil, Cut flower, Disease resistant, Heat tolerant, Landscape plant, Reblooming

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