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Chinese fringe-flowers to jazz up your garden

Jazz Hands® Chinese Fringe Flower

Bring a bit of the ol' razzle-dazzle to your garden or landscape with these super-showy, crazy-colorful loropetalums.
3 Jazz Hands plants in gallons

Which Jazz Hands loropetalum is right for you?

We traveled the world to find these five unique varieties. There’s one for every taste and every space! Once you’ve picked your favorite(s), look for them in the distinctive white container at your favorite local garden center

Jazz Hands White plant in a pot
Jazz Hands® White Chinese Fringe-Flower

Loropetalum chinense 'Hakuou' PP#27,751

Jazz Hands variegated plant next to a green plant
Jazz Hands® Variegated Chinese Fringe-Flower

Loropetalum chinense 'Irodori' PP#27,713

Jazz Hands Pink shrub in a pot
Jazz Hands® Pink Chinese Fringe-Flower

Loropetalum chinense 'Kurenai' PP#27,750

Jazz Hands Mini shrub in a pot
Jazz Hands Mini® Chinese Fringe-Flower

Loropetalum chinense 'Beni Hime' PP#27,752

Jazz Hands Bold shrub in a pot
Jazz Hands Bold® Chinese Fringe-Flower

Loropetalum chinense 'Kurenai Daiou' PP#27,748

About Chinese Fringe-Flowers

This series of roses from Proven Winners® ColorChoice® Shrubs was selected for superior color, blooming, and a range of unique, problem-solving sizes and shapes.

Developed in Japan, with excellent tolerance for heat and humidity.

Fantastic color and texture, all year-round.

Clean, disease-resistant foliage.

Ideal for both landscapes and gardens.

How to Grow Chinese Chinese Fringe-Flowers

Like all Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs, Jazz Hands loropetalum are easy to grow. Follow these simple instructions to find success, whatever your skill or experience level. You’ll find planting instructions on the tag that comes with each plant, or you can watch our tutorial here.

Jazz Hands Pink shrubs in landscaping


Full sun – 6+ hours of bright sun each day


Any average, well-drained soil will do. Avoid spots that are wet or soggy.


Chinese fringe-flowers have average water needs. Though they can tolerate some dry weather after they’ve been growing a few years, they will flower best, and the flowers will last the longest, with regular watering.


One application of granular (not liquid) rose fertilizer in early spring is sufficient for Jazz Hands loropetalum. For the best, richest foliage color (and the best reblooming on Jazz Hands White), fertilize monthly through mid-August.


Jazz Hands loropetalum need little pruning. They bloom on old wood, so if you wish to prune, do so after they bloom in spring.

Jazz Hands white in a white pot
Look for Jazz Hands Chinese Fringe-Flowers in the distinctive white container at a garden center near you.
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