Marketing Resources

Two concepts define the Proven Winners ColorChoice brand: great flowering shrubs and evergreens, and the marketing support behind them to ensure sales for wholesalers and retailers alike. Scroll down for a closer look at some of the creative for our 2023 campaigns.


Landing Pages for Digital Ad Campaigns

Digital advertising helps us reach huge numbers of people where they spend the most time: on their phones, tablets, and computers. Plus, when someone clicks on a digital ad, we can take them to a landing page, like the ones below, that help us further tell the story of the Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs brand. 

Shrubs of the Year Landing Pages

2024 Pages

Radio & Podcast Ads

Though listening habits change rapidly, radio, streaming, and podcast advertising continues to be a cost-effective way to introduce our brand to homeowners across the US and Canada. We run ads during the gardening season on NPR, as well as on streaming channels, smart speakers, multiple podcast platforms, traffic, weather, and news stations, and broadcast radio in Canada. Below, you’ll find the examples of our audio ads.



Video Ads

When you have a beautiful product to share, you take full advantage of visual media like video. Our commercials run on many streaming platforms in the US and Canada, as well as on connected TV and devices. In Canada, we also advertise during the Stanley Cup playoffs and finals. This years’ commercials are below.

Québec Ad

Other Promoted Videos

Print Ads

From classics like Better Homes and Gardens to newer imprints like HGTV Magazine, we place colorful, informative print ads where they will be noticed and appreciated. All print publications are timed to coincide with gardening season, getting out our message when it’s most likely to prompt action. A selection of this year’s print ads can be found below.

We know that navigating the horticultural world can feel a bit like learning a new language, or traveling to a different planet. We also know you have a lot of different choices when you go to the garden center. All of us here at Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs truly appreciate your consideration and support, and we consider it an honor and privilege to be a part of your home. Thank you!


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