Double Your Spring Beauty with Rebloomers

May 18th, 2022

We all like to get more bang for our buck. That’s why planting rebloomers is a smart choice! Double the beauty on just one plant. And if you like spring, (and what’s not to like – flower power and incredible fragrance) we bet you’d like it to last longer.

That’s where reblooming plants come in. Let’s extend that spring joy.

Top 3 Reblooming Spring Flowering Shrubs

Bloomerang® Lilacs

Classic lilac blooms and an almost palpable fragrance fill the landscape in spring. Pause. Flowers appear again on new wood about two months later. (Reblooms best with spring blooms deadheaded.)

full sun | USDA zones 3-7

Perfecto Mundo® Azaleas

Its naturally rounded, dense habit is covered in fully saturated single or double blooms, depending on the variety. After a brief rest, it stuns us again with an outstanding rebloom in summer and fall.

full-part sun | USDA zones 6b-9

Sonic Bloom® Weigelas

Plentiful fluted flowers highlight the length of each branch in late spring. No matter the color you choose, the sheer quantity of blooms draws the eye. Explodes in flower again in summer and lasts until fall.

full sun | USDA zones 4-8

Want to plant some shrubs to extend your spring show? See the step-by-step process of planting a shrub or check out more spring flowering shrubs.

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Written by
Picture of Kristina Howley

Kristina Howley

I am all in when it comes to gardening. Almost every part of the experience delights me – new leaves emerging in spring, pollinators buzzing in summer, birds devouring berries in fall, and the somber beauty of seed heads in winter. Thanks to a background in horticulture and gardening my own clay-filled, flowery USDA zone 5b plot, I’ve learned plenty of practical things as well. I like sharing these joys and lessons with my fellow gardeners and soon-to-be gardeners any way I can.


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