Oso Easy Roses

Oso Easy roses are indeed easy to grow, and they offer the broadest color range of any landscape rose series plus surprising hardiness, with some varieties thrive in USDA zone 3. Dark green foliage shows exceptional disease resistance, and tidy habits make them ideally suited to any sunny landscape.

  • OSO EASY® Double Pink Landscape Rose

    Excellent disease resistance and abundant, continuous blooms set Oso Easy® Double Pink rose apart from the crowd. Ten or more pink double flowers are produced per stem, creating a mass of cheerful summer color. Low mounding habit makes it a useful groundcover rose. Winner of the American Rose Society 2021 Award of Excellence, and two 2021 American Rose Trials for Sustainability Local Artist Awards.

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    A seedling of Double Knock Out® rose, this cold-hardy variety has excellent disease resistance. It is a floriferous, easy to grow rose that maintains a nice rounded habit. It produces abundant bright red, doubled blooms with orange undertones.

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    Everything about this plant feels effortless, and a lot of it actually is! Oso Easy Ice Bay rose has the most elegant, milky white blooms centered with vibrant mustard stamens. Creamy colored flower buds open to white and stay that color until they are spent, unlike some white roses that can age to pink. They flourished out in our garden and field trials, showing us just how disease resistant they are and how little care they need in the summer. They’ll even rebloom abundantly without deadheading! It’s the perfect fit for cut flowers, white gardens or moon gardens, and tucked within a border. It can lean toward a cottage or formal style, depending on which plants you pair with it.

    Why grow Oso Easy Ice Bay rose?
    – Extremely long flowering window.
    – Elegant blooms with prominent stamens make a great addition to a cut flower arrangement.
    – Easy to care for with its great disease resistance and nonstop blooming (without deadheading!).

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    High performance color! We know we’re not supposed to play favorites with our 300+ shrub varieties, but with Oso Easy Italian Ice rose, it’s hard not to. Big, full blooms sport a lush saturated pink on the outer petals, transitioning to a soft yellow inside. It blooms all summer without deadheading, and you’ll find the color becomes even more intense in autumn. Easy care disease-resistant foliage makes it as easy to care for as it is to love.

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  • OSO EASY® Mango Salsa Rose

    The continuous blooms are an enticing ruby red grapefruit color, and contrast nicely against the dark glossy foliage. It has excellent disease resistance, and flowers all summer. The unusual color is a nice addition to summer borders, and looks great with white or blue flowers planted nearby.

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    OSO EASY PEASY® Landscape Rose

    The sheer number of blooms Oso Easy Peasy® rose produces is delightful and kind of mystifying. It simply does not seem possible for one plant to constantly produce stem after stem packed with roses without looking a mess at some point in the season. But it really does. The flowers are self-cleaning, so the petals float off the plant when the flowers pass maturity. Bunches of star-like sepals are left behind which blend right into the lush greenery and practically disappear in comparison to the vibrant pink floral profusion. There’s no need to deadhead to encourage the plant to keep blooming. It is super drought and disease-resistant, so it remains handsome even through the tough times.

    Why grow Oso Easy Peasy rose?

    • Incredibly long bloom window
    • Gorgeous bright pink coloring
    • Very low maintenance
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  • 3D Model

    An excellent disease resistant yellow rose, Lemon Zest has a tidy, mounded habit that fits well into landscapes and container gardens. The sunny, canary yellow flowers do not fade to white, and maintain their bright color even as they shatter.

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    OSO EASY® SUNORITA® Landscape Rose

    A disease resistant rose with a sunny glow. Gold, yellow, and orange colors, to be exact. A sturdy, vigorous shrub rose, it blooms perpetually on a mass of glossy, dark green foliage.

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    It’s not a myth: Oso Easy Urban Legend actually is a true-red landscape rose! Enjoy its vivid flowers, each accented with a cheery yellow center, from early summer all the way until the snowflakes fly. No need to trim or deadhead to keep the flowers coming, and no need to spray to keep its glossy, deep green foliage looking clean and handsome. Oso Easy Urban Legend rose grows with a naturally low habit, making it perfect for Ground covers, edging, or any sunny spot that could use some easy-care summer color.

    Why grow Oso Easy Urban Legend rose?

    • A true-red landscape rose
    • Disease resistant: no need to spray for a healthy plant
    • Blooms all summer without trimming or deadheading
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