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June 1st, 2022

Every inch of your garden is precious real estate! A plant should have to earn its spot and it’s hard to beat a flower that changes colors. Panicle hydrangeas not only have a progressive color display, but they’re a fantastic choice for gardeners who delight in big, bold beauty. 

Let’s take Limelight Prime® hydrangea for example:

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Both photos are taken of the same Limelight Prime® hydrangea in the same garden (look for the mature ‘Limelight’ hydrangea in the back).

On the left, it’s a robust green backdrop to spring flowers in mid-May. On the right, it’s showing off its full fall glory in October. Now, let’s take a closer look at its gorgeous color progression here in our Michigan garden.


Late July

Blooms emerge a juicy, fresh green. It’s a more vibrant shade of green and lasts longer than the original ‘Limelight’ panicle hydrangea.


There’s a window of time just after the intense lime show when they are simply a creamy white color. In mid to late August they start to blush from the bottom up. 


The flowers take on a two-toned look as the blush creeps upward. The pink is a light tone at this point in the season and complements the creamy white perfectly.


The pink has enveloped the bloom and deepened into such a rich color that some would even say it’s red. No matter what you’d call it, it’s undeniably eye-catching.

Learn more about Limelight Prime® here to decide if it’s right for your garden and find other fabulous panicles here.

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Picture of Kristina Howley

Kristina Howley

I am all in when it comes to gardening. Almost every part of the experience delights me – new leaves emerging in spring, pollinators buzzing in summer, birds devouring berries in fall, and the somber beauty of seed heads in winter. Thanks to a background in horticulture and gardening my own clay-filled, flowery USDA zone 5b plot, I’ve learned plenty of practical things as well. I like sharing these joys and lessons with my fellow gardeners and soon-to-be gardeners any way I can.


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