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  • MUCHO GUSTO® Abelia

    You’ll be pleased to make the acquaintance of Mucho Gusto abelia. This tidy, easy-care shrub brings the color and pizazz of variegated foliage to your landscape or garden, providing color from spring through fall. It’s especially nice for brightening up shady spots. In summer, it is in bloom continuously, with fragrant white flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Like other abelias, it’s heat tolerant and deer resistant. Little to no pruning is required, though it may be shaped if you wish.

    Why plant Mucho Gusto® abelia?

    • Constant color
    • Tough, easy-care plant
    • Compact habit
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    FUNSHINE® Abelia

    The bright spot of any landscape! Funshine® abelia greets the season with bright caramel-orange foliage that matures to chartreuse. Throughout summer, fragrant lavender blooms pepper the plant, attracting myriad hummingbirds and butterflies. Shade tolerant and deer resistant, it’s a trouble-free way to add color to your yard.

    Why plant Funshine abelia?

    • Brightly colored foliage brings light and life to any spot in the landscape
    • Lavender flowers attract hummingbirds and butterflies
    • Shade tolerance and deer resistance make it easy to grow and enjoy
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    Make spring even sweeter with Sweet Emotion® abelia! It’s not like any other abelia: hardy to USDA zone 4, with mid-spring flowers that give off the most intoxicating jasmine scent. Deep pink buds open to reveal white and pink flowers. They attract butterflies and make a very nice cut flower. In autumn, foliage turns a nice orange color. Grow this very special abelia as a hedge or specimen, or include it in your flower garden.

    Why grow Sweet Emotion abelia?

    • Hardy and heat tolerant: thrives in USDA zone 4 through 8
    • Mid-late spring blooms have a powerful jasmine-like fragrance
    • Deer resistant and durable
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  • TRES AMIGOS® Abelia

    Colorful, but elegant! Soft bluish-green, pink, and cream come together in elegant, variegated foliage. Throughout the season, you’ll see subtle shifts in the main color; in spring the creamy yellow is most dominant and by summer the pink margins take front stage, accented by bold pink new growth. Tiny white, fragrant flowers appear all summer long complementing the interesting foliage show and drawing in pollinators like butterflies and hummingbirds. Its continuous color and compact habit make it a great candidate for Mass plantings, filling in a border or a foundation planting, and even for containers on balconies.

    Why plant Tres Amigos® abelia?

    • Constant color
    • Tough, easy-care plant
    • Compact habit
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  • Discontinued

    Fragrant, colorful, and durable, Ruby Anniversary abelia is an excellent flowering shrub for landscapes and gardens. New growth emerges in shades of ruby-red, and in late summer, it burst forth with sweetly fragrant white blooms that cause veritable battles between hummingbirds and butterflies. This shade tolerant, deer resistant plant is perfect for landscape applications like hedges and foundation plantings, as well as bringing more flower power to gardens and perennial borders. Ruby Anniversary is one of the hardiest abelias, expanding the range of this useful flowering shrub down to USDA zone 5.

    Why grow Ruby Anniversary abelia?

    • Fragrant flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds
    • Colorful foliage keeps it intriguing, spring through frost
    • Deer resistant and shade tolerant
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  • Discontinued

    Keep your garden or landscape on the sunny side with Sunny Anniversary® abelia! It’s the only abelia with yellow blooms, and each one is a little work of art: buttery yellow petals, with a deep pink throat and bright yellow freckles. Hundreds of them nestle within the layers of glossy, semi-evergreen foliage, emitting a sweet fragrance all summer long. Plant Sunny Anniversary abelia as a specimen, low hedge, edging plant, or anywhere you need carefree summer color. Deer resistance, as well as the ability to thrive in shade and dry soils, ensure great results with minimal effort.

    Sunny Anniversary abelia is hardy to USDA zone 6, possibly USDA zone 5 if planted in a protected spot.

    Why grow Sunny Anniversary abelia?

    • The only abelia with yellow blooms
    • Months of flowers from early summer through frost
    • Deer resistant and shade tolerant
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