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    CESKY GOLD® Dwarf Birch

    Delightfully durable! Look to Cesky Gold® dwarf birch to bring color, texture, and year-round interest to your garden or landscape, without asking for much of anything in terms of care. This shrubby birch reaches just 2-4′ tall and wide, and grows well in sun or shade. Plant one as a small but eye-catching specimen, or plant several to make a neat low hedge or edging. You can leave it to grow naturally or shear or cut to shape if you’d like something more formal. Look for its neatly toothed yellow leaves to emerge a glorious glowing orange in spring. Cesky Gold dwarf birch is a plant for cool climates – it’s hardy down to USDA zone 2 and heat tolerant through USDA zone 7.

    Why grow Cesky Gold dwarf birch?

    • Easy-care color and texture
    • Thrives in cold climates
    • Versatile habit can be used many different ways in the garden or landscape
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