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  • BAMBINO™ Burnt Orange Bougainvillea

    BAMBINO™ Burnt Orange bougainvillea is the cure for dull landscapes! Its unique orange-red flowers shine out in the landscape for months of easy-care color.

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  • BAMBINO™ Claret Red Bougainvillea

    Make a bold statement in your landscape with BAMBINO™ Claret Red bougainvillea. Its hot red-pink blooms nestle amid splashy variegated foliage for an unforgettable display.

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  • BAMBINO™ Lilac Bougainvillea

    Perfectly pretty, perfectly petite: BAMBINO™ Lilac bougainvillea brings year-round color to any sunny spot in your landscape. Drought tolerant and easy care!

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  • BAMBINO™ Purple Bougainvillea

    BAMBINO™ Purple bougainvillea combines classic color and a versatile shrubby habit so you can bring its super blooming ability to just about any space. Easy care and colorful!

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  • BAMBINO™ Variegated Orange Bougainvillea

    BAMBINO™ Variegated Orange bougainvillea is one colorful plant. Vivid orange-pink blooms and variegated foliage combine for an incredible display that’s also very low maintenance.

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