Burning Bush

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  • FIRE BALL® Burning Bush

    Fire Ball$reg; burning bush is a much improved selection of dwarf burning bush. It’s super compact and has a very dense habit, perfect for creating a continuous look as a hedge or screen. It also has superior stem hardiness, so it’s able to come through harsh winters without damage.

    Why grow Fire Ball burning bush?

    • Super vibrant fall color
    • Tight branching makes a uniform view
    • Convenient mid-size habit
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    Smaller leaves and an outstanding compact habit make Unforgettable Fire® a superior choice for dwarf burning bush. It naturally has a very full habit, unlike some of the sparse older varieties you’ve likely seen. Its fall color is unmistakable and happily more reliable thanks to improved hardiness.
    Why grow Unforgettable Fire burning bush?

    • Fuller, more compact habit
    • Incredible fall display
    • Adaptable landscape performance
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