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  • PINK SNOW SHOWERS™ Flowering Cherry

    Add an element of simple elegance to your space with Pink Snow Showers™ weeping cherry. Its thin, arched branches fill with lovely cotton candy pink single blooms in the springtime. These cheery blooms arrive by the thousands and complement the silver color of the trunk and stems beautifully. In the fall, the foliage turns to a blend of glowing orange and red. It looks lovely as a specimen or planted in a row along the road or driveway.

    Why grow Pink Snow Showers weeping cherry?
    – Fabulous weeping habit.
    – Great disease resistance, especially to shot hole disease.
    – Very low maintenance.

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  • SHOW TIME™ Flowering Crabapple

    When spring comes, it’s show time for all crabapples, but this one really grabs the spotlight. The large, densely clustered fuchsia-red flowers turn the branches into columns of lush color. Deep green foliage has red tones of its own, especially as it emerges. In fall, red fruits glisten among the bright orange and red leaves. Oval, upright habit lends a touch of formality as a specimen or street tree.

    Show Time™ crabapple is part of the Proven Winners® ColorChoice® Trees program.

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  • LOLLIPOP® Crabapple

    One look and it’s easy to see how Lollipop crabapple (Malus sp.) got its name: with its straight trunk and rounded canopy, it does indeed look like a lollipop in the landscape! But that’s not all that’s sweet about this space-saving small tree. It’s covered in deliciously fragrant white flowers in spring, which give way to small, shiny crabapples in summer and fall. Perhaps the best thing about Lollipop crabapple is that you don’t need to do a thing to enjoy its neat habit – it just grows this way naturally, creating a beautiful, low-maintenance accent in your landscape or garden that will make all your neighbors ask about it.

    Lollipop crabapple is part of the Proven Winners® ColorChoice® Trees program.

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  • SWEET SUGAR TYME® Crabapple

    Everyone knows that crabapples are fabulous in spring, and Sweet Sugar Tyme crabapple (Malus sp.) is no exception. However, it one-ups all the others with its fruit: bright red berries on long stems that look great in late summer and fall and even beyond. Sweet Sugar Tyme crabapple has the unusual ability to hold its fruit intact all through winter instead of shriveling. It’s like built-in holiday décor! In late winter/early spring, birds flock to them for a nutritious food source in otherwise lean times. Sweet Sugar Tyme crabapple naturally grows with a tidy, pyramidal-oval crown atop a straight trunk for an appealing look in the landscape or garden.

    Lollipop crabapple is part of the Proven Winners® ColorChoice® Trees program.

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