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    Attractive lime-green foliage brightens landscapes long after the spring blooms have passed. The white, pearl-like buds persist for some time before opening, further extending the season of interest.

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    Dainty little blooms bunch all over Yuki Cherry Blossom™ deutzia in the springtime. It’s celebrated for vibrant two-toned coloring, medium pink on the outside of the petals and creamy white at the centers. This coloring is quite a triumph! It took ten years to develop a pink version of the beloved ‘Nikko’ that we still see in many gardens today. This pink coloring presents a whole new world of opportunities for plant pairing! Looking lovely at the front of the border, where it would combine nicely with summer flowering shrubs and perennials with similar coloring. Imagine it massed as a groundcover in front of a group of panicle hydrangeas, hinting at the dark pink color show the hydrangeas will bring later on in the season. When positioned as edging, it keeps the border looking lush even if deer are in the area, as it’s quite deer resistant.

    Why grow Yuki Cherry Blossom deutzia?

    • Useful dense habit can be a groundcover
    • Abundant spring flower show
    • Interested two-toned bloom coloring
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    This is an improved form of Deutzia ‘Nikko’ with a much heavier spring bloom. It has a neat, mounded habit that is very useful for landscaping, and good fall foliage color.

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