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  • KODIAK FRESH® Diervilla

    The plant equivalent of a cool breeze. Kodiak Fresh® diervilla brings invigorating energy into any garden with its vibrant, color-changing foliage. Its new growth emerges a peppy orange, contrasted by an even tone of lime green on the mature growth. In the summertime, bunches of tubed, yellow blooms arrive for weeks delighting hummingbirds and cut flower growers. Its foliage is a medium to large texture, and its color is a handsome accompaniment to any arrangement. Plant this cheery native species in a prominent spot to freshen up your garden!

    Why grow Kodiak Fresh™ diervilla?

    • Cheerful color
    • Pollinator magnet
    • Native to North America
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  • KODIAK® Black Diervilla

    Bring the good kind of drama to your garden with Kodiak Black diervilla! Its luxurious burgundy-black foliage draws the eye immediately. It’s the most vibrant in spring, when it just emerges, and in fall, when it takes on an all over reddish burgundy color. In the summertime, the foliage mellows to green with just the slightest bits of blush here and there, but at that point, the flowers are the focal point. You could see them two ways, as humble little flowers that draw in pollinators or as cheery yellow bursts that wave airily over the foliage. Note that although this plant has the common name bush honeysuckle, it’s not related to the troublesome plant with the same name. That’s why we simply use its scientific name as its common name. It’s actually the opposite of an invasive problem, it’s native to North America!

    Why grow Kodiak Black diervilla?

    • Lovely color throughout the season
    • Supports pollinators
    • Easy care
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  • KODIAK® Orange Diervilla

    A good alternative to burning bush, this selection of our native bush honeysuckle has vibrant orange foliage in fall. Bright yellow flowers contrast with the orange new growth, and support pollinator populations. One of the few plants to tolerate dry shade, it will have more vibrant color in partial shade and Full Sun.

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  • KODIAK® Red Diervilla

    A rugged plant with attractive red spring and autumn foliage, its new growth is tipped with red during the summer months, too. The yellow summer flowers support pollinators. One of the few plants to tolerate dry shade, it will have brighter color in Part Sun or Full Sun.

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