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  • ARCTIC FIRE® Red Red Twig Dogwood

    Arctic Fire® dogwood is a magical addition to any garden, but especially those that embrace a winter display or native plants. It produces tiny white flowers in the springtime, supporting local pollinators first and later on supporting wildlife with little berries. Thankfully it doesn’t support deer, however, as it rarely suffers from browsing damage. This selection is much smaller than the typical option, growing half the size of the gigantic red twig dogwoods you see out in nature. It’s perfect for building up borders, cut flower gardens, or using in drifts to create an impressive display for fall and winter.

    Why grow Arctic Fire® dogwood?

    • Deer resistant
    • Very compact size
    • Supports pollinators
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    ARCTIC SUN® Red Twig Dogwood

    A compact version of ‘Winter Flame’, its colorful stems flicker yellow, orange and red across the winter landscape. Fits well into smaller landscapes.

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  • ARCTIC FIRE® Yellow Dogwood – Red Twig

    Vivid yellow stemmed native red-twig dogwood.

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  • GOLDEN SHADOWS® Pagoda Dogwood

    Make a memorable, elegant statement in your landscape with Golden Shadows® pagoda dogwood (Cornus alternifolia). This small tree gets the name “pagoda dogwood” from its strongly horizontal branching which give it a distinctive look that does indeed resemble the famous pagodas of Japan. Bedecking these branches are elegant variegated leaves that emerge orange and soon develop a mélange of cheery yellow and emerald green. In spring, clusters of white flowers are held above the branches for a truly unforgettable display you’ll look forward to every year.

    Though it sounds like Golden Shadows dogwood would hail from a faraway place, it is native to North America and brings with it excellent durability, hardiness (down to USDA zone 3), and heat tolerance (through USDA zone 8). As it grows in the understory of the forests of the eastern half of the US and Canada, it’s also far more shade tolerant than one might expect, and its golden foliage lights up dim spaces. This spectacular small tree deserves pride of place in your landscape or garden, where it will get you compliments for a lifetime.

    Golden Shadows dogwood is part of the Proven Winners® ColorChoice® Trees program.

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    PUCKER UP!® Red Twig Dogwood

    The distinctively puckered, glossy foliage is very thick, and has excellent leaf spot resistance. Compact growth and bright red winter stems add to this native shrub’s year-round appeal.

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  • Discontinued
    RED ROVER® Silky Dogwood

    This is a compact selection of our native silky dogwood. Pollinators love the summer flowers, and it is an outstanding plant for bioswales and Rain gardens. Outstanding fall color gives it multi-season ornamental appeal. Tolerates black walnut.

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