False Cypress

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  • HAYWIRE® False Cypress

    Haywire™ chamaecyparis brings together a very cool thread-leaf texture and a stunning pyramidal habit that create an irresistible specimen in the landscape. A very unusual form of Port Orford cedar.

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  • PINPOINT® Blue False Cypress

    Space saving evergreen. With its appealing color, soft texture, and versatile habit, Pinpoint® Blue chamaecyparis makes an irresistible addition to the landscape. Feathery blue foliage persists all year, remaining bright and handsome even in winter. Narrow, columnar growth takes up little space in the landscape and needs no pruning to maintain.

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  • CEDAR RAPIDS® False Cypress

    Fast-growing and filled with lush texture, Cedar Rapids false cypress is the ideal plant for screening or privacy hedging. Its feathery foliage gives the plant a soft, unique look, especially when planted in a group. If you’re hunting for something with a bit more of a cheerful look, you’ll love the hint of lime green in its foliage.

    Why grow Cedar Rapids false cypress?
    – Fills out quickly
    – Lush, evergreen foliage
    – Great screening plant

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  • PINPOINT® Blue & Gold False Cypress

    Two-toned evergreen. Get more color in a small space with Pinpoint® Blue & Gold chamaecyparis. Its appealing texture and versatile columnar habit are further accentuated by its feathery two toned foliage. New growth emerges a vivid lime-gold before maturing to a powdery blue that looks good with any color and style of architecture. Like Pinpoint® Blue chamaecyparis, its narrow habit ensures space saving, low maintenance performance.

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  • PINPOINT® Gold False Cypress

    Feathery foliage, a space-saving habit, and now a cheerful golden color: Pinpoint Gold is the newest member of the Pinpoint series of Chamacyparis. Ideally suited to use as an eye-catching specimen or space-saving hedge plant, it needs little to no pruning to maintain its appealing shape.

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  • SOFT SERVE® False Cypress

    A compact, conical variety with graceful fern-like branching. The soft texture of this evergreen is very appealing. The leaves are bright green on top and flecked with silver-blue on the underside. It is a good alternative to dwarf Alberta spruce.

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  • SOFT SERVE® Gold False Cypress

    Soft Serve® Sawara cypress has long been popular as an easy-care alternative to dwarf Alberta spruce, and we’re pleased to offer this showier version in cheery gold. It shares the same attractive pyramidal habit and easy-going care. Hardy and resistant to burning from sun and wind.

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