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  • FLIRTY GIRL® Japanese Hydrangea-vine

    If you love the look of a hydrangea-vine, but don’t want to wait literal tens of years to watch it bloom, we’ve got the plant for you. Flirty Girl Japanese hydrangea-vine not only grows quickly but has been observed many, many times to produce an abundance of white blooms just after it gets a healthy root system established in the landscape. It’s reliable. It’s beautiful. The pollinators will thank you for planting it, especially as it matures more and more to bloom all the way up a tree trunk or across an expanse of fence. After all, the sky’s the limit for this self-attaching climber! As a super heat-tolerant plant, it’s a great plant for bringing long-lasting vertical interest to warmer gardens. Thanks to the very impactful petal-like structures on each bloom, the flowers make quite an impact even when observed at a distance!

    Why grow Flirty Girl Japanese hydrangea-vine?

    • Self-attaches to support structures
    • Flowers quickly after getting a root system established
    • Attracts pollinators
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  • ROSE SENSATION™ Japanese Hydrangea-vine

    An elegant and distinctive vine for training up trees or north facing walls, this slow-growing plant is a nice choice for woodland landscapes. Selected for its showy pink sepals, it does need some time to get established in the landscape before it will flower.

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