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    ESTRELLITA™ Scarlet Bouvardia

    Enjoy the reddest of reds with Estrellita™ Scarlet firecracker bush. Truly red. Startlingly red! As you may know, hummingbirds are very drawn to the color, so they practically swarm this dazzling little shrub. Thankfully you won’t have to fight with them to get in there and maintain it. It doesn’t need deadheading to bloom continuously. If you are the type of garden who enjoys shaping, snipping, trimming, etc. then you will enjoy just how quickly it bounces back. With a super fast growth rate, you can plant it and watch it quickly fill in over the span of one season. Use it as edging, low hedging, filler in pollinator gardens, and even as seasonal color for your containers if you live in a cool, northern climate.

    Why grow Estrellita Scarlet firecracker bush?

    • Continuous color from spring to frost
    • Native to Southwest United States
    • Super compact habit

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    Color so vibrant it’s almost unreal! The bright reddish-orangey-hot pink color of Estrellita Little Star® firecracker bush blows us away every time we see it. With such showy flowers, you might find it hard to believe, but it’s actually native to Southwest North America. Its long history of growing in those conditions gives it a rather rugged nature, perfectly suited for areas with drought, high heat, and even clay soil. It’ll look good while beating those conditions too, flowering continuously from spring ’til fall without a bit of deadheading. If you need constant color to raise your spirits and constant flowers to feed pollinators, plant Estrellita Little Star™ in your landscape!

    Why grow Estrellita Little Star firecracker bush?

    • Continuous color from spring to frost
    • Attracts pollinators
    • Tough and easy-care

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