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  • Deer Proof
    SHOW OFF® Forsythia

    A superior flower display sets this variety apart from others. Large golden flowers bloom from base to tip for a lush, full display. This is a compact form with a nice habit. Will tolerate black walnut. Will tolerate occasional dry conditions once established.

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  • Deer Proof
    SHOW OFF STARLET® Forsythia

    It has the same excellent flower display as the original Show Off® forsythia, but this dwarf variety grows just 3′ tall. It is ideal for smaller landscapes. Will tolerate black walnut. Tolerates occasional dry spells once it is established.

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  • Deer Proof
    SHOW OFF® Sugar Baby Forsythia

    A miniature plant with outstanding flower display from base to tip and a compact size that fits into any garden. Tolerates black walnut. Once established, will tolerate occasional dry conditions.

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