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  • CRUSADER® Hawthorn

    Few other trees combine durability and beauty like Crusader hawthorn (Crataegus crus-galli var. inermis) does. This unique small tree bears hundreds of clusters of white flowers in spring, and they turn into red fruits that resembles clusters of tiny apples. Come autumn, it graces the landscape with a display of colorful foliage. And did we mention – unlike conventional hawthorns, it’s thornless! No worries about those big, pointy thorns injuring you, your pets, or scaring your children. Extremely glossy foliage and unique tan-silver bark provides contrast and grab attention.

    This species of hawthorn is native to North America, and shows incredible tolerance to the most challenging landscape conditions. Wet soil, dry soil, high or low pH, air pollution, compaction – Crusader hawthorn takes it all in stride. This disease-resistant selection is a great choice for your home landscape, as well as for street trees and commercial plantings like parking lots.

    Crusader thornless hawthorn is part of the Proven Winners® ColorChoice® Trees program.

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