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  • ‘Limelight’ Panicle Hydrangea

    A landscape classic, ‘Limelight’ has large lime-green flowers that are held upright on strong stems. The flowers mature to pink and burgundy in autumn. Whether used as a specimen plant or planted en masse, this is an easy-to-grow, durable plant that provides beautiful flowers every year. This hydrangea flowers on new wood, so it will bloom even after harsh winters.

    Why grow ‘Limelight’ panicle hydrangea?

    • Reliable blooms every year
    • Unique coloring
    • Easy care maintenance
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    BOBO® Panicle Hydrangea

    A delightful dwarf variety that doesn’t skimp on blooms. Bobo® panicle hydrangea’s massive flowers emerge a handsome creamy, lime green and mature to glowing pink. It blooms earlier than other varieties and offers a delightful start to the hydrangea season for gardens big and small! Its compact size fits easily into any landscape, including container gardens or tight spaces. This hydrangea produces flowers on new wood and therefore will flower reliably, without the worry of harsh spring temperature drops zapping buds or improper spring pruning removing them entirely. Although it has a playful name, Bobo takes easy-care elegance very seriously!

    Why grow Bobo panicle hydrangea:

    • Massive Blooms on a small habit
    • Blooms early in the summer
    • Compact habit is very useful
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  • LITTLE LIME® Hardy Hydrangea

    Little Lime® panicle hydrangea has the same big blooms and cool green coloring you love from ‘Limelight’, but its space-saving stature means it can be planted in more gardens than ever! Its strong stems hold flowers strictly upright, creating a worry free, long lasting display. It performs well in containers and looks handsome when planted in foundation designs or as a low hedge.

    Why grow Little Lime® panicle hydrangea?

    • Useful dwarf size
    • Long-lasting flowers
    • Elegant color transition
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    FIRE LIGHT® Panicle Hydrangea

    Big blooms, big habit, and very little to worry about. Fire Light® hydrangea has large, showy blooms, held perfectly upon strong stems. In early summer, its flowers emerge creamy white and mature to an extremely rich pomegranate-red color. All the while, its thick green foliage remains healthy and vibrant until fall. For such a large plant you’d think it would need more maintenance, but a simple health trim in spring sets it up nicely for the rest of the season until the following spring. It sets buds on new wood, so there is no worry about removing them accidentally with pruning or seeing them zapped off by a sharp dip in temperatures in the springtime. Its easy-care nature, adaptability to many soil types, and ability to thrive in full to part sun makes it an easy choice as a specimen, hedge, or in foundation plantings.

    Why grow Fire Light® panicle hydrangea?

    • Deep pomegranate-red color
    • Thick, sturdy stems for unflopping flowers
    • Blooms on new wood, no need to worry about harsh winters
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    FIRE LIGHT TIDBIT® Panicle Hydrangea

    A low, mounding habit displays the fabulous blooms of Fire Light Tidbit to extreme advantage! Flowering in late summer, this hydrangea is the perfect option for continuing the hydrangea fun well into fall! Each large rounded bloom emerges frothy lime green, matures to white, blushes to pink, and finishes vibrant dragon fruit pink. Its foliage is at work in the autumn as well, providing the “fire” for this show by blending into hues of orange, maroon, and red! When it comes to front of the border beauty, this dwarf hydrangea provides just the captivating display you’re looking for!

    Why grow Fire Light Tidbit® panicle hydrangea?

    • Extremely colorful flowers and foliage
    • Late summer blooms provide fresh interest for fall
    • Dwarf size offers a variety of uses
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    LIMELIGHT PRIME® Panicle Hydrangea

    Everything you love about ‘Limelight’ panicle hydrangea, but with a boost. Limelight Prime® has a more compact habit, so more of us can fit it into our gardens! It has darker, healthier-looking foliage that makes an impressive backdrop when it isn’t in bloom. Most importantly, you’ll love the stronger stems! Each bright lime green flower is held sturdily aloft for its entire flower show and well into the fall, when it has finished to a rich punch pink color. If flowers are left standing for the winter, they’ll continue to bring interest to the garden. This long-blooming favorite works nicely when planted as a specimen plant, in containers, and especially as hedges!

    Why grow Limelight Prime® panicle hydrangea?

    • Stronger stems
    • Handsome dark foliage
    • Brighter mature blooms
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    TINY QUICK FIRE® Panicle Hydrangea

    There’s always that one garden spot we treasure, but nothing seems to do it justice. Until now! Tiny Quick Fire® panicle hydrangea is the plant for the job. It’s the smallest, most prolifically blooming hydrangea imaginable. Easily tucked into just about any spot, you’ll find it looks lovely in groups, in pots, and even as a tiny little edging hedge. Like the other members of the Quick Fire family, it blooms early. Its foliage is practically obscured by brilliant white blooms in early July, and by September, they’ve matured to rich dark pink. This tidy hydrangea is so easy to care for that it will soon become your go-to plant. Just plan to water it regularly while it’s getting established its first year, water during droughts after it’s established, and prune its old flowers off in the spring. And voila, you’ll have a trusty flowering plant ready to impress any visitor from summer into fall.

    Why grow Tiny Quick Fire® panicle hydrangea?

    • Extremely small habit means infinite uses in the garden
    • Early blooms extend hydrangea season
    • Flowers on new wood = reliable performance
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    PUFFER FISH® Panicle Hydrangea

    If you’ve been blown away by Bobo® hydrangea, hold onto your hat when you meet Puffer Fish® panicle hydrangea. The flowers are larger and more prolific, covering the foliage altogether when it blooms in mid-summer. Each flower opens pure bright white and ages to handsome lime green. When you think the show is winding down, each bloom sends out a little sprig of white flowers at the top. It’s got a solid, rounded habit built from very strong stems. As a cut flower, it brings a bit more pizazz than your average panicle and in the garden, it fits easily into many different roles. Use it as a specimen, mid-sized hedge, or plant it in groups in a border.

    Why grow Puffer Fish® panicle hydrangea?

    • Whimsical new growth on flowers in midseason
    • Large, plentiful blooms
    • Flowers on new wood = reliable performance
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  • LITTLE QUICK FIRE® Panicle Hydrangea

    As a dwarf form of Quick Fire® hydrangea, Little Quick Fire® is just as early-blooming, but about one third of the size. Its blooms begin white and change to burgundy pink over a short time, giving the late summer garden a true jewel to marvel at. Flowering about a month earlier than other panicles and with the best fall foliage color of any panicle hydrangea, it lengthens the hydrangea season for any garden! This makes it an easy choice for foundation plantings, where its full habit softens the straight lines of a home and its blooms provide long-lasting dazzling beauty.

    Why grow Little Quick Fire® panicle hydrangea?

    • Useful compact size
    • Dramatic color show
    • Easy-care maintenance
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    QUICK FIRE FAB® Panicle Hydrangea

    Start hydrangea season sooner with this early bloomer! Quick Fire Fab® panicle hydrangea’s massive football-shaped (and sized) blooms cover the entire plant from top to bottom before other hydrangeas’ buds have even begun to swell! Each flower opens a cheery lime color and turns to watermelon from the bottom upward, slowly becoming two-toned. Altogether the show is so fabulous it’s hard to look away. It fits nicely into a low-maintenance garden, as a specimen in your front yard, as foundation plants among favored perennials in a mixed bed, or wherever you need an easy-care colorful shrub.

    Why grow Quick Fire Fab® panicle hydrangea?

    • Early flowering extends the hydrangea season
    • Large, colorful blooms
    • Flowers on new wood = reliable performance
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  • LITTLE LIME PUNCH® Panicle Hydrangea

    A color show that really deserves to be called remarkable! Little Lime Punch® begins its show in early summer similarly to Little Lime®, with handsome lime-green blooms. But it’s as the summer progresses when you see the true difference. Its blooms gradually mature to bright Hawaiian Punch-red… and then it reblooms! Creating a mix of lime green, white, pink, and dark pink blooms all on one compact little shrub. It is one of the happiest looking plants we’ve seen and fits perfectly into vibrantly colored mixed beds, on patios in containers, or in foundation plantings to enliven any front garden.

    Why grow Little Lime Punch® panicle hydrangea?

    • Useful, compact stature
    • Festive mix of colorful blooms
    • Easy-care nature
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  • PINKY WINKY PRIME® Hydrangea

    A lot of breeding work is about introducing smaller plants, but in this case, we went big. Pinky Winky Prime® is literally a bit bigger than its predecessor and it’s got a bigger personality to match! Its big lacey flowers are like lanterns in the summertime. Vibrant white panicles begin to blush up from the bottom, turning the blooms into a two-toned combo that’s impossible to miss. At the summer’s end, it sets itself apart from the original by deepening to a shade of true dark pink.

    Why grow Pinky Winky Prime hydrangea?

    • Massive flowers
    • Interesting color change from summer into fall
    • Large size works perfectly as a screen or as the specimen for an island bed
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  • PINKY WINKY® Hardy Hydrangea

    A whole garden in one plant. Pinky Winky™ is covered in massive two-toned panicles in the summertime. Flowers emerge bright white at the tip and mature in color from the bottom up, flushing a dramatic dark pink. The flowers continue to grow throughout the summer, giving the plant two distinct colors at once. What makes this a truly impressive show, however, is the size of the bloom itself. Ranging from 12 to 16 inches, these flowers easily steal the show! They’re displayed nicely on very strong stems, so there’s no worry of them flopping just when the show is at its height. You truly only need one plant to make your garden one of the most impressive in the neighborhood! Who knew choosing a specimen plant could be so easy?

    Why grow Pinky Winky™ panicle hydrangeas?

    • Two-toned coloring
    • Panicles are huge – 12-16″ long panicles
    • Extremely strong stems
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  • QUICK FIRE® Panicle Hydrangea

    This extremely early bloomer fills the garden with lush lacecap loveliness well before other panicle hydrangeas have begun to bud out. Its fluffy flowers open bright white and mature to a soft shade of pink, just as other panicles are beginning to bloom. If you love hydrangeas, Quick Fire® will help you get the most out of the season! By the time fall rolls around, its blooms have finally matured to a rich, dark pink accompanying glowing red and orange fall foliage. It makes a handsome addition to mixed borders and perennial gardens. It sets buds on new wood, so you’ll never have to worry about harsh winters zapping your precious summer show.

    Why grow Quick Fire® panicle hydrangea?

    • Dazzlingly colorful flowers and foliage.
    • Quickly grows to its mature size.
    • Very strong stems.
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  • Discontinued
    ZINFIN DOLL® Panicle Hydrangea

    Big mophead blooms and a two-toned coloration make Zinfin Doll a real treat in the garden. Its flowers emerge soft white and slowly turn pink from the bottom up, giving you a months-long progressive color show! Built from a base of strong stems, each of its massive flowers stays upright even amidst wind and rain. It grows to a moderate size, perfect for growing in containers, small beds, or in mixed borders. Buds are set on new wood, so you’ll never have to worry ab out a cold winter’s chill zapping your chance of a beautiful summer show.

    Why grow Zinfin Doll® panicle hydrangea?

    • Gorgeous progressive color show.
    • Easy care maintenance regimen.
    • Blooms last for a very long time!
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