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    INCREDIBALL® Blush Smooth Hydrangea

    All the same strength and beauty of the original Incrediball®, but a lovely shade of blush-pink. In early summer a sea of dark pink buds float atop sturdy stems, flushing out into massive silvery-pink blooms for a long summer show. It reblooms throughout the season and into autumn, giving this plant a complex, months-long color show. Its convenient size suits it well for use in the middle of the border, as the thriller in container plantings, and just about any other landscape application you can think of!

    Why grow Incrediball® Blush smooth hydrangea?

    • Fantastic native for the cut flower garden.
    • Very strong stems.
    • Captivating coloring.
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  • INCREDIBALL® Smooth Hydrangea

    Impressive. The massive white Blooms on Incrediball® smooth hydrangea are held aloft on extremely strong stems. Not a flopping flower to be found! These basketball-sized blooms open green, quickly turn white, and slowly mature to rich jade green. It isn’t only an improvement over the original ‘Annabelle’ for its massive flowers, but for its performance as well! These stems are so strong that they’ll hold up the dried flowers all winter long, providing an interesting view when the days are dreary. Come early spring, all you’ll have to do is give it a light trim, taking off just one-third of its height and width. And with that simple task done yearly, it’ll perform like a champion! Looks lovely as a foundation planting, in mixed beds, and when planted en masse it’s hard to look away from!

    Why grow Incrediball® smooth hydrangea?

    • Tons of extra large flowers.
    • Easy care regimen.
    • Very cold hardy, will grow in a range of locations!
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    Enjoy hydrangea season for as long as possible with Invincibelle Garnetta® smooth hydrangea! When other smooth hydrangeas are starting to mature into their solemn beauty, Invincibelle Garnetta® is just getting started! Its deliciously dark red buds arrive and set the scene for a dramatic dual-color flower show. Its flowers open and reveal petals with light pink fronts and dark ruby-hued backs, giving you a dynamic two-toned look. As the flowers mature they turn to a soft cool pink color that contrasts nicely with large healthy foliage that looks blue in certain lighting! Year after year you’ll come to rely on this easy-going native. With its ability to flower on new wood and a naturally compact habit, you’ll find you have hardly any work to do to keep it growing beautifully.

    Why grow Invincibelle Garnetta® hydrangea?

    • Later flowering time extends hydrangea season.
    • Dark red coloring gives the garden a splash of uniqueness.
    • East maintenance = beauty you can rely on.
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    INVINCIBELLE LACE® Smooth Hydrangea

    There is nothing out there quite like Invincibelle Lace® hydrangea. It’s the very first smooth hydrangea that features warm purple lacy florets! The delicate beauty of these lacecap flowers is enjoyed by pollinators and humans alike, not least of all for their ability to remain visible through almost any weather thanks to their hard-working stems. Each strong stem is a lovely ruby hue, providing yet another facet of beauty to enjoy, and stands solemnly upright, only swaying gently in the wind. The combination of lacy flowers and long, spaced-out stems creates the most ethereal look, perfect for Mass plantings in meadow-style gardens, filling in the middle of a border, or settling into a pollinator garden to provide reliable summer pollen and nectar.

    Why grow Invincibelle Lace® smooth hydrangea?

    • Dual-purpose flowers – pretty for the garden and useful to pollinators.
    • Totally unique, a great addition for collectors or true plant geeks.
    • A fantastic cut flower, adds dimension to any arrangement.
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  • INVINCIBELLE LIMETTA® Smooth Hydrangea

    For those of us who simply cannot get enough green goodness in our gardens. Invincibelle Limetta® smooth hydrangea is the next step when it comes to the classic ‘Annabelle’ hydrangea, it has much stronger stems, a more manageably sized habit, and most importantly, it pumps up the green coloring! When it flowers in the summertime, blooms emerge a captivating jade-green hue and soften to a creamy green for a period of time before maturing to a cozy, soft green. All the while it is still putting out new flowers! With its ability to rebloom you’ll never be without a delightful blend of green flowers to admire, from early summer well into fall. This mid-size native fits easily into any color scheme or garden plan as a border filler, specimen, or even the thriller in a container.

    Why grow Invincibelle Limetta® smooth hydrangea?

    • Fantastic coloring, unique blooms all season long.
    • Reliable, hardy native.
    • Easy care regimen, no need to deadhead to encourage rebloom.
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    All the dramatic pinky-purple color your heart could want in a hydrangea, but in a useful little package. Invincibelle Mini Mauvette® smooth hydrangea has transformed the world of smooth hydrangeas! It packs vibrant, unforgettable color into big mophead flowers, all on a petite habit. (A maximum of 3 feet tall and wide!) Now you can grow smooth hydrangeas at the front of the border, just like the stars they are. And since it readily reblooms, you can enjoy this color all summer long and well into fall! No deadheading, no fancy fertilizer regimens, just a reliable little native delivering constant color.

    Why grow Invincibelle Mini Mauvette® smooth hydrangea?

    • Dramatic coloring, uncommon for smooth hydrangeas.
    • Versatile compact size.
    • Easy care native that makes gardening a breeze.
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  • INVINCIBELLE® Ruby Smooth Hydrangea

    A captivating two-toned color show for the middle of the border! Invincibelle Ruby has dark burgundy flower buds that open to a two-toned combination of ruby red and silvery pink petals, each bloom has beautiful depth and lends a sense of delicate intricacy to any garden. It will rebloom throughout the summertime, creating a dynamic array of dark buds, cheery fresh blooms, and soft pink mature coloring. Due to its ability to bloom on new wood, all the anxiety is taken out of growing hydrangeas! There’s no need to cover these for the wintertime and with a light prune in the early spring, you’ll be all set to see it stand up in your garden through heavy rains and strong winds.

    Why grow Invincibelle Ruby smooth hydrangea?

    • So versatile, can be used in mixed gardens, as a hedge, foundation plantings, etc.
    • Very easy care, its ability to flower on new wood takes the stress away from pruning.
    • Unique coloring is great for the garden and cut flower displays.
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  • INVINCIBELLE® Spirit II Smooth Hydrangea

    A pink-flowered, mophead selection of our native H. arborescens, Invincibelle® Spirit II has sturdy stems and flowers that bloom in mid-summer. The large, mophead flowers start out a deep, soft pink and age to an attractive green. Once established, this adaptable plant will tolerate some dry conditions, as well as black walnut. Invincibelle® Spirit II smooth is perfect for use as a hedge or in foundation plantings. Best of all, whenever an Invincibelle® Spirit II hydrangea is sold, $1 is donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Through sales of this plant and pink day events at garden centers across North America, over $1 million has been raised to help fund the important work of finding a cure for breast cancer.

    Why grow Invincibelle® Spirit II smooth hydrangea?

    • Extraordinarily handsome – deep pink flowers and clean dark foliage.
    • Very reliable growth thanks to its cold hardiness.
    • Each purchase supports life-saving breast cancer research.

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  • 3D Model

    Out with the same old, same old, and in with this gorgeous native hydrangea! Invincibelle Sublime™ has so many lovely traits, it’s hard to pick a favorite. To start, its flowers are striking all season long. Each set of sepals is lime green with bright pink fertile florets at the center, inviting you to lean in and enjoy the details of your garden. Its foliage is a rich, healthy forest green color, really setting off the light green flowers. The unsung heroes of this show are its incredibly sturdy stems, able to hold up large blooms all through the summer and fall, even through the winter. We’ve seen it thrive in full sun even in Florida, so you can grow it in your garden with confidence.

    Why grow Invincibelle Sublime™ smooth hydrangea?

    • It’s native to North America
    • Makes a unique, long-lasting cut flower
    • Very tough – it tolerates extremes in cold and heat very well
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  • INVINCIBELLE WEE WHITE® Smooth Hydrangea

    Invincibelle Wee White® smooth hydrangea doesn’t just do everything ‘Annabelle’ does, it does it better. It has stronger stems, a smaller habit, and it’s more floriferous. You’ll love its useful compact frame, growing just 1-2.5 feet tall and wide, you’ll be able to put it just about anywhere. Its best placement is near high-traffic areas though, so its summer-long output of fresh blooms can be easily enjoyed. It’s lovely at the front of the border as edging or a low hedge, looks precious potted up, and is at home in mixed beds with perennials.

    Why grow Invincibelle Wee White® smooth hydrangea?

    • Looks so perfect you might think it’s a fake plant.
    • Blooms for the entire summer and into fall.
    • A really tough native plant, it can thrive in heat and clay soil!
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    LIME RICKEY® Smooth Hydrangea

    Revitalize your love of hydrangeas. One look at Lime Rickey® hydrangea and you’re refreshed! Its cool, lime-green flowers arrive reliably summer after summer to brighten the steamy hot garden. Each fluffy bloom is speckled with pink, every single floret is centered with a puff of pollen. (Be sure to say hello to the pollinators who flock to enjoy it!) Extraordinarily sturdy stems hold each bloom aloft through intense wind and rainfall, ensuring your flower show lasts as long as possible. The applications of this plant are endless; it makes a great specimen for pollinator gardens, looks dreamy planted in drifts, and easily blends into mixed perennial beds.

    Why grow Lime Rickey® hydrangea?

    • An unexpected candidate for the pollinator garden.
    • New wood blooms ensure you’ll have a show every year.
    • Unique cut flower, adds a pop to pink arrangements.
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