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    The pinky-purple flowers of Bloomerang Ballet lilac look sweet and beautiful, but make no mistake: this is a powerful performer in the garden or landscape. In fact, it’s the best reblooming lilac to date! The large flower clusters first appear in mid-late spring. Once they fade, the plant takes a brief rest to put on new growth then forms a whole new set of flowers that open from mid-summer through fall. Take a moment to review the photos below – what do you notice? Bloomerang Ballet lilac is flowering at the same time as summer bloomers like ‘Miss Molly’ butterfly bush and panicle hydrangeas! Ever since the original Bloomerang Purple reblooming lilac came out years ago, we’ve been working at getting a better, more abundant summer rebloom, and as the newest member of the Bloomerang family, it’s hard to beat Bloomerang Ballet for sheet flower power. Plus, it’s super easy to grow: just give it sun and well-drained soil and enjoy years of colorful, fragrant lilac flowers, and, like most lilacs, it is rarely if ever browsed by deer.

    Top reasons to grow Bloomerang Ballet reblooming lilac:
    – The best reblooming lilac to date: flowers in spring, then summer through fall
    – Disease resistant foliage won’t get powdery mildew or leaf spots
    – Easy to grow in any sunny spot

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  • BLOOMERANG® Dwarf Pink Lilac

    This new and improved version of Bloomerang® ‘Pink Perfume’ lilac offers deeper pink flowers, greater vigor, and improved disease resistance. Growers, landscapers, and homeowners alike will love this plant for its healthy, vigorous growth, fragrance, and dwarf habit.

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    The perfect mix of purple and pink, Bloomerang Purpink lilac makes you question your eyes for more than its tricky coloration. When it was in the trial fields, we asked ourselves, “Is that really just one plant?” The number of blooms it can produce is pretty overwhelming, in a good way. It’s also one of the most prolific rebloomers in the Bloomerang series! So you’ll get to keep the nostalgia going with its classic beauty. Plant it near your windows to enjoy the fragrance or in a border by a well-loved pathway so you can gather some blooms each time you walk by. If you’re looking for a fabulous three-season plant, you’ve found your match.

    Why grow Bloomerang Purpink lilac?
    – Incredible bloom count
    – Lovely nostalgic fragrance
    – Nice, midsize habit

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  • BABY KIM® Lilac

    Baby Kim lilac has a more dwarf compact habit, darker purple blooms, and does not fade to white. It’s also about half the size, naturally growing as a tidy and appealing little mound. Great fragrance, disease resistance, and landscape performance.

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  • BLOOMERANG® Dark Purple Lilac

    Extend the bloom season of lilacs with this Long blooming variety. Larger than the original Bloomerang®, Dark Purple has larger, more rounded inflorescences. The flowers are very showy and fragrant. It will rest for several weeks after the spring bloom, then flower again from mid-Summer, Fall.

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  • BLOOMERANG® Dwarf Purple Lilac

    A new and improved Bloomerang® Purple lilac with more flowers, stronger rebloom, and improved disease resistance. It’s easy to love this plant for its beauty, healthy growth, sweet fragrance, and smaller habit.

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  • SCENTARA® Double Blue Lilac

    Knock-your-socks-off fragrance! Selected for its fragrance and bloom color, Scentara® Double Blue lilac creates the unforgettable spring display you crave. Very large flower clusters are made up of lavender-blue double florets and cover the plant in spring. Good resistance to mildew. Long-lived and easy to grow.

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    Scentara Pura® is a hyacinthiflora lilac, the most fragrant type on the market. It earns its name from its pure purple flowers and deep, true fragrance. Fresh green foliage resists disease and keeps the plant looking good even when it’s not in bloom. Warm climate gardeners should especially take note of Scentara Pura lilac: it requires less chilling than other lilacs, so performs better when winters are mild.

    Why grow Scentara Pura lilac?

    • Extremely fragrant flowers
    • Great bloom coverage
    • Does well in warmer gardens than other lilacs
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  • Discontinued

    This dwarf lilac is wider than it is tall, and produces copious dark pink buds which open to soft, lilac-pink flowers. It is very fragrant. It does have repeat flowers through the summer, but is not as strong a rebloomer as the Bloomerang® varieties. It does have a very useful, compact habit and outstanding fragrance.

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