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    Take your love for mock oranges to the next level with Illuminati Sparks™. Its single flowers are the picture of elegance and simplicity, with the same lovely scent you can expect from any Philadelphus. After its floral show has faded, its foliage carries on the interest. Each leaf is uniquely speckled with gold and green variegation. Unlike some of the conventional options, its foliage stays healthy throughout the hot summer without burning up. Its dense, rounded habit fits into mixed perennial beds and borders nicely, mixing up the color story and providing some variation for gardens with mostly green foliage.

    Why grow Illuminati Sparks™ mock orange?

    • Unique foliage
    • Amazing classic fragrance
    • Deer and disease resistant
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  • ILLUMINATI ARCH® Mock Orange

    Philadelphus typically has dull, paper-thin leaves that appear ratty and tattered, but Illuminati Arch philadelphus has thick, handsome, rugged foliage that keeps its deep green color all season long. Early summer brings cascades of white flowers with the sweet, old-fashioned mock orange scent everyone loves.

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  • 3D Model

    Illuminati Tower mock orange combines the old-fashioned charm of this all-time favorite with a totally new and modern habit! Reaching just 3-4′ wide compared to the more conventional 6’+ width, it will save space while also providing the jaw-dropping floral display and unforgettable sweet fragrance you expect. Deep green foliage has an appealing texture, and each stem naturally grows with a neat tower-like habit with a distinctive geometric appearance.

    Why grow Illuminati Tower mock orange?
    – The only mock orange with a space-saving narrow habit
    – Sweetly fragrant white flowers in late spring/early summer
    – Deer resistant and very cold hardy

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