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    A sterile variety that provides all of the utility of Golden Vicary Privet without the invasiveness. This durable, adaptable plant forms a dense, leafy wall that is useful for establishing privacy around properties as well as screening off air conditioners and other eyesores. High quality, glossy foliage emerges bright yellow and matures to chartreuse.

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    Foliage so bright it shines out of any landscape. This variegation, unlike many other privets, is mostly gold with bright green in the center. Its coloration looks even more cheerful on branches that pop out from the center, like a firework. With a naturally smaller habit, it makes a nice addition to the border and behaves perfectly as a hedge. It works hard in even the toughest conditions, through drought, heat, and even deer.

    Why grow Good Vibrations privet?
    – Colorful foliage brightens the landscape
    – Mature size is much smaller than a normal privet
    – Responds nicely to pruning

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  • KINDLY™ Japanese Privet

    We’ve taken classic hedging and modernized it with Kindly privet. This is a well-behaved, seedless Japanese privet, so you can be sure it will stay just where you plant it. Its foliage is a perfect apple green with a lovely sheen, filling out its well-branched, dense habit. It makes the best hedging and gives foundation gardens a very lush look, year round. You’ll love the light fragrance it emits from Spring, Summer.

    Why grow Kindly privet?
    – Reliable performance
    – Non-invasive selection
    – Evergreen foliage for year round beauty

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