Purple Leaf Sand Cherry

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  • STAY CLASSY™ Purple Leaf Sand Cherry

    We’ve got a much needed update to a landscape favorite! While the previous options are impressive, they’re a little too big for most gardens. That’s where Stay Classy™ purple leaf sand cherry is changing the game. Its mature habit maxes out at half the size of a typical purple leaf sand cherry, which is very well suited for the middle of the border, front yard hedging, and even containers! Its aesthetic has changed from the original too. Instead of a sort of intense, black hole look, its airy branching and rosy purple coloring give the garden an elegant drama. If you’re looking to add a constantly colorful note to your garden, try Stay Classy. It quickly grows to its mature size, so your dream view will be a reality in no time at all!

    Why plant Stay Classy™ purple leaf sand cherry?

    • Dramatic coloring
    • Matures quickly
    • Useful mid-size habit for the border
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