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  • BERRY BOX® Pyracomeles

    As cute as a button in almost every respect. Button-like blooms arrive in spring in clusters. Their perfect five-petaled white and pink flowers scatter prettily across the tiny evergreen foliage. Later on, berries replace the blooms and bunch together neatly along each branch. As the berries age, they change from orange to red, perfect as the seasons change. It grows in a compact, albeit whimsical, form that fits nicely in the middle of the border or in a container at a walkway. Either placement is sure to bring some bright color to your fall and winter views.

    Why grow Berry Box pyracomeles?
    – Incredible berry show
    – Spring flowers for pollinators
    – Handsome evergreen foliage

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    JUKE BOX® Pyracomeles

    If you’re looking for something a little different but still handsome and versatile, you just may have found it in Juke Box pyracomeles. It has all the classic good looks of boxwood and other small, dense, rounded evergreens, but without any worries of pests and disease. Juke Box pyracomeles is the result of a hybrid between Pyracantha, also known as firethorn, and Osteomeles, a warm-climate evergreen. It’s thornless, fruitless, and very heat tolerant. We love it planted for a classic container, and it’s very useful as Low hedges, edging, or mixed with other plants in foundation plantings or mixed borders. Juke Box pyracomeles is a Blue Ribbon Winner for performance in the University of California low irrigation landscape trials.

    Why grow Juke Box pyracomeles:

    • Handsome, versatile little evergreen
    • No thorns or messy fruit
    • Very drought tolerant: performs well even in low to no irrigation
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