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    With flowers the color of a purple neon sign, Luscious Lavender™ redbud will certainly help you and your garden wake up in spring. Its pea-like blooms grow right along each branch and arrive so densely that you’ll see the exact branching of its wide, rounded habit. This type of flower display brings a unique, architectural feeling to the garden in spring. Later in the summer, the view shifts to a verdant lushness when its shiny, heart-shaped leaves fill in. The leaves themselves are wide and thick, and remain free of blemishes thanks to excellent disease resistance. They make a handsome companion to plants with fine textured foliage like Happy Face® potentillas, elderberries, Bloomerang® lilacs, and Glow Girl® spirea, or flowers with a fine texture like Pugster® butterfly bushes, bluebeard, and hydrangeas.

    Why grow Luscious Lavender™ redbud?

    • Denser flower coverage
    • Brighter color
    • Benefits pollinators
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