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  • La Vida Mas® Indian Hawthorn

    There are no end of places you’ll be able to use this gorgeous little plant in your garden! And that’s not just due to La Vida Más® Indian hawthorn’s small size; it actually has a double whammy to offer. Repeat blooming! Site this compact, low-growing plant at the front of the border and enjoy medium-pink blooms for months. It’ll maintain a handsome visage even through drought, high heat, and pesky diseases that may poke around trying to find a foothold in your garden. Even up against these difficulties, it’ll provide food for visiting pollinators.

    Why grow La Vida Más Indian hawthorn?

    • blooms abundantly in spring and reblooms from summer to fall
    • supports pollinators
    • useful wider-than-tall habit
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  • La Vida Grande® Indian Hawthorn

    Lots and lots of showy, rich pink flowers on large panicles and dusky peach-colored new growth make this one of the most colorful Indian hawthorns we’ve ever seen. A top performer in our Florida trials, where the foliage remained clean and healthy. Live large!

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