Seven-Son Flower

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    TEMPLE OF BLOOM® Seven-son flower

    You want it all? Temple of Bloom seven-son flower has it. It’s interesting in all four seasons! Large, high quality foliage for spring, creamy puffs of flowers in summer, brilliant dark pink bracts for fall, and elegant tan peeling bark in the winter. Let’s revisit the mention of the bracts. While they look like a second flower show, they’re actually the material that is left behind after the white petals fall away. Just as showy as blooms, but a lot tougher. Its taller-than-wide habit lends itself perfectly for use in the landscape as a small, multi-stemmed tree, but it needs to be trained to have this habit. You’ll find mature plants for sale already in a tree form, or young plants in quart sizes that could be left to grow as a wild, but handsome shrub. If your garden could use a pollinator magnet center piece, perhaps you’ve finally found your match!

    Why grow Temple of Bloom seven-son flower?

    • Four season beauty
    • Attracts pollinators
    • Versatile landscape use
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