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  • THE VELVET FOG® Smokebush

    Not all smokebushes are created equal, as evidenced by the fabulous The Velvet Fog smokebush. Each early summer, it creates dozens of billowy blossoms that mature into those characteristic smoke-like puffs over the following weeks. Their vivid pink color contrasts delightfully with the waxy, blue-green foliage. Another feature that sets The Velvet Fog smokebush apart is its dense, lush habit – it naturally grows as a neat oval. It makes a stunning specimen or unexpected hedge option, and even plays nicely in perennial and flower gardens.

    Fun fact: The “smoke” that gives smokebush its name is not actually the flowers – it’s the seed heads. The flowers themselves are actually quite small and not all that showy, but as they age and develop into seeds, they take on that fascinating smoke-like puff.

    Why grow The Velvet Fog smokebush:

    • Sets more flowers than conventional smokebush
    • Brighter and better pink smoke color
    • Lush, dense habit is not awkward like older smokebushes
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  • WINECRAFT BLACK® Smokebush

    Winecraft Black® cotinus starts the season with rich purple foliage, becoming deeper in color until it’s nearly black; fall then turns it brilliant orange. Early summer brings wispy red flowers that become the beautiful, hazy-violet “smoke” that give this plant its name. Rounded habit offers a more compact presentation than conventional smokebush. Add it to mixed borders or use as a dramatic hedge.

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  • WINECRAFT GOLD® Smokebush

    Lighten up the landscape with Winecraft Gold® cotinus. This improved gold smokebush is a better, more vigorous production plant with good burn resistance. Better branching creates a denser, fuller shrub, for better presentation in the container and the landscape. Green flowers in early summer age to the pink smoke-like puffs that give this plant its common name.

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