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  • DOUBLE PLAY® Artisan® Spirea

    This is an improvement over older spirea varieties as it has rich spring foliage color and vibrant early summer flowers. The plant is a compact, full bodied mound with a very consistent habit that is excellent for Mass plantings. It does not produce the unappealing albino shoots that ‘Anthony Waterer’ can.

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    Massive pink flowers larger than those of any other variety contrast with the buttery summer foliage. This variety has distinctive orange spring foliage that glows in the landscape.

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    Cool blue-green foliage is an excellent backdrop to this plant’s crisp white blooms. Hints of burgundy in the new growth foreshadow the rich red foliage color it develops in the fall. This variety has a more graceful habit and restrained color than most other varieties, and is an elegant choice for low maintenance landscapes.

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    We may have “ColorChoice” right there in our brand name, but few other plants out there are as raucously colorful as Double Play Candy Corn spirea. The show begins in early spring, when the new growth begins to emerge in a bright, candy apple red shade. As the tender leaves continue to expand, they take on a vivid orange tone before finally developing into a pineapple yellow. In late spring/early summer, purple flower clusters cover the plant. Double Play Candy Corn spirea naturally grows as a tidy mound, making it a very easy-care plant as well as extremely versatile in the landscape or garden. It’s pretty enough to plant among your perennials in a flower garden, and durable enough for foundation plantings.

    Why grow Double Play Candy Corn spirea?

    • It’s one of the most outrageously colorful shrubs you’ll find
    • Deer resistant and easy to grow
    • The color changes and morphs through the season, so there’s never a dull moment
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    Perfectly walking the line between quirky and elegant, Double Play Dolly spirea has a whole new color story to enjoy. In its foliage you’ll find mature candy apple green leaves on the interior, chartreuse leaves near the outside, and orangey-red new growth perfectly peppering the top. It blooms from late spring until the last breaths of summer, adding complexity to this fabulous riot of color. Its flowers are bright purple and grow from reddish-green stems that match the color of the new growth nicely. You’ll love finding ways to use this new color combination in your gardens, the possibilities are endless. Beyond its obvious colorful appeal, its easy going nature has earned it a place in the front row. It naturally has a neat, compact habit, will draw in pollinators to observe for months on end, and doesn’t attract deer or wilt under drought.

    Why grow Double Play Dolly® spirea?

    • Totally new color combination with foliage and flowers
    • Extremely long blooming
    • Low maintenance with no need to prune or worry about deer
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    Enjoy flowers from late spring to fall with Double Play Doozie spirea! It doesn’t produce seeds, so it can spend that energy on producing more flowers. These dark pink, fluffy blooms appear in bursts throughout the growing season, offering constant color that plays with other vibrant flowers. You won’t need to deadhead it to get new flowers. The spent blooms just tuck into the foliage over time as new growth and flowers cover them up. It maintains a neat, rounded habit naturally, but it responds really well to pruning if you enjoy the task or enjoy a super tidy appearance. That’s all the maintenance it may need though, as it is very tolerant of tough conditions. No need to protect against deer or fret about disease or drought. You have found the perfect plant for easy color!

    Why grow Double Play Doozie spirea?

    • continuous blooming
    • compact habit
    • super colorful flowers
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  • DOUBLE PLAY® Gold Spirea

    Abundant pink flowers cover this compact, low mounded spirea in early summer. This variety has a tidy, consistent habit and outstanding color.

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  • DOUBLE PLAY® Red Spirea

    The spring foliage emerges dark burgundy red, then matures to dark green. The early summer flowers are raspberry red. This variety has a darker, deeper color palette than other spirea varieties, making it a useful addition to the garden designer’s low-maintenance plant palette.

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  • GLOW GIRL® Birchleaf Spirea

    A gold-leafed version of ‘Tor’, this plant has lemon-lime foliage that is colorful all season long. In fall the leaves transform to a rich burgundy color. Reddish spring flower buds open to pure white flowers in spring. The bright foliage will not burn in summer. This is a colorful, low-maintenance plant with outstanding cold hardiness. Native.

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  • Discontinued
    DOUBLE PLAY® Painted Lady® Spirea

    Unlike other variegated spireas, this variety has very stable variegation and a consistent habit. Brightly variegated yellow and green foliage is accented with hot pink flowers in late spring. It is a bold splash of color for mixed borders or patio containers.

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  • Discontinued
    DOUBLE PLAY® Pink Spirea

    Spring foliage emerges dark red before changing to dark green; abundant pure pink flowers cover the plant in early summer. This variety has a superior, dense habit and exceptional flower display.

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  • Discontinued
    WEDDING CAKE® Spirea

    An improved snowmound spirea with more flowers and a more compact habit than the traditional variety. Abundant white flowers cover the plant in spring; the cool blue-green foliage is an excellent foil for later spring and summer flowers. This durable plant is a great choice for cottage or country estate gardens.

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