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    Out with the same old, same old, and in with this gorgeous native hydrangea! Invincibelle Sublime™ has so many lovely traits, it’s hard to pick a favorite. To start, its flowers are striking all season long. Each set of sepals is lime green with bright pink fertile florets at the center, inviting you to lean in and enjoy the details of your garden. Its foliage is a rich, healthy forest green color, really setting off the light green flowers. The unsung heroes of this show are its incredibly sturdy stems, able to hold up large blooms all through the summer and fall, even through the winter. We’ve seen it thrive in full sun even in Florida, so you can grow it in your garden with confidence.

    Why grow Invincibelle Sublime™ smooth hydrangea?

    • It’s native to North America
    • Makes a unique, long-lasting cut flower
    • Very tough – it tolerates extremes in cold and heat very well
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