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  • BUBBLY WINE® Weigela

    An elaborate color display packed in a petite little shrub. Bubbly Wine® weigela starts in the springtime with vibrant new growth that transitions to flashy yellow and green variegation for the summertime. That’s when the light purple flowers sprinkle across the rounded top, creating a delicious little moment of contrast. Later on, you begin to notice the dark burgundy stems, providing even more interest. Thankfully the deer don’t seem to notice the foliage or flowers, though. This eye-catching little bun makes the perfect edging or low hedge, needing little to no maintenance.

    Why grow Bubbly Wine weigela?
    – Fabulous color combination
    – Tough landscape performance
    – Attracts pollinators

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    Improved ‘Carnaval’ weigela selected for superior flower set and crisp, pure color. Flowers start out white and soon transition to pink, then finally red. This results in an eye-popping combination of three colors at once on the same plant.

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    MIDNIGHT SUN™ Weigela

    The ultimate front of the border plant. Midnight Sun™ weigela has a cute habit and a wild color show, perfect for keeping this important space interesting. It grows in such a tidy little bun shape that you’d swear it must be pruned to shape, but it isn’t! Its wide shiny leaves are the real stars though, as they bear interesting color combinations similar to something you might see on coleus. And thanks to its deer resistance and easy care regimen, you can be sure that it will keep providing the show.

    Why grow Midnight Sun™ weigela?

    • Complex color show
    • Tiny, compact habit
    • Deer resistant
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  • MIDNIGHT WINE® Weigela

    This is a dwarf form of Wine & Roses® weigela that is perfect for the front of the border or container gardens. It can be used as an alternative to ‘Crimson Pygmy’ barberry. Although it is not as prolific a bloomer as Wine & Roses®, it will occasionally produce pink flowers in spring.

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    This is an improvement over Midnight Wine® with darker, extremely glossy foliage. Its parentage comes from the Canadian variety ‘Tango’, so it has excellent hardiness and is less prone to tip dieback. While its flowers are a bit better than Midnight Wine, the plant is grown for its attractive foliage and habit making it a great replacement for Berberis in places where it’s banned.

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  • MY MONET® Weigela

    This dwarf, variegated weigela can be used as an edging plant, mixed in the perennial border, or grown in a container. The foliage is colorful all season long, and will often develop pink tones in later summer and autumn. It is a good low maintenance choice for adding season-long color to landscapes.

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    My Monet Purple Effect® brings new color, more flowers, and better adaptability while sharing all the charm and beauty of the original My Monet® weigela. Its variegated cream and mint green foliage takes on purple (as opposed to pink) tones, and it is much better able to withstand the rigors of both cold and warmer climates. Though it is slightly larger, it can be used in much the same way: as a delightful companion to perennials, as a colorful edging, in a container, or anywhere you need a spot of clear, clean color.

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  • MY MONET® ‘Sunset’ Weigela

    A very attractive dwarf weigela with variegated gold foliage that turns red in fall, it can be used in the landscape as you would a coleus but without the need to replant each year. Grown primarily for its foliage, it will occasionally produce rosy pink flowers in spring. Add it to the front of beds and borders for multi-season color.

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  • SNIPPET® Dark Pink Weigela

    Snippet® Dark Pink weigela is a hardy dwarf selection from the Czech Republic with richer, dark pink flower color than ‘Pink Poppet’ or ‘Minuet’. It reblooms quite nicely and can be cycle-pruned to deliver a flowering crop to retail through the garden season.

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  • SONIC BLOOM® Pearl Weigela

    A very strong Long blooming weigela, it will flower in spring and then throughout the summer without deadheading. The flowers open pure white with a yellow throat and then change to pink so you have multiple colors on a single plant. The variety has a well-branched, uniform habit that fits nicely into mixed borders. The romantic flowers are a good complement to other plantings.

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    SONIC BLOOM® Pink Weigela

    Sonic Bloom® Pink Weigela* will flower in spring, and then continues blooming throughout the summer! The hot pink buds open to saturated pink flowers that add intense season-long color to landscapes. This deer-resistant shrub makes a stunning low hedge and be used in mixed borders and as foundation plantings.

    *Sonic Bloom® is a registered trademark of the Syngenta Company.

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  • SONIC BLOOM® Pure Pink Weigela

    All of the beauty of classic spring-blooming weigela, but it only takes a fraction of the space – and it reblooms! Sonic Bloom Pure Pink weigela has a narrow, upright habit that takes up less ground space than others, but never fails to deliver in the flower department. It explodes with bright, pure pink blooms in late spring, then after a brief rest, puts out wave after wave of fresh blooms in summer and early fall.

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  • SONIC BLOOM® Red Weigela

    A very strong Long blooming weigela, it will flower in spring and then throughout the summer without deadheading. The lipstick-red flowers add bold color to landscapes all season long. This variety has a nice, compact habit with good branching.

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    There are two things gardeners love most about weigela. The first is dreamy dark foliage and a close second is abundant Long blooming. We’ve combined those two lovely traits into one super easy-to-grow plant. Sonic Bloom Wine™ has elegant dusty burgundy foliage that perfectly sets up bright bubblegum-pink blooms from Spring, Summer. With such a compelling color combo, you’ll probably get just as many human visitors as hummingbirds. Its slightly narrower-than-tall habit is right at home in the middle of a border or foundation planting, surrounded by other pollinator favorites.

    Why grow Sonic Bloom Wine weigela?
    – Fabulous color combination
    – Extremely long bloom time
    – Easy care regimen

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    SPILLED WINE® Weigela

    This is a compact form of Wine & Roses® weigela with a more spreading habit. It has dark red, wavy leaves and hot pink-magenta flowers. It often grows wider than it is tall, making it a good fit for foundation plantings and Mass plantings.

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  • VERY FINE WINE® Weigela

    Northern growers have long appreciated the hardiness of Fine Wine, but we’ve always wished it was better. This plant solves our dilemma; it maintains the superior hardiness but comes with darker foliage and better flowering.

    Why grow Very Fine Wine in your garden:

    – Fantastic cold hardiness, less prone to tip dieback.

    – Darker foliage, full season interest.

    – Heavy bloomer

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