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  • GOLD SPLASH® Euonymus

    Get some color where you need it with Gold Splash wintercreeper! Its low, mounded habit is tidy and polite. It naturally maintains a slightly rounded habit, but takes to pruning easily and doesn’t get unruly. Its oval-shaped leaves are filled with cheerful variegation – splashes of lime green at the centers and chartreuse margins surrounding them. This coloring is very reliable (you won’t have to worry about half of your plant reverting to solid colors). The colors do shift a bit as the foliage matures throughout the season. The old growth shifts from lime and chartreuse to being lime and slightly darker green, still very impactful! This growth isn’t always visible as the new growth tends to cover it as it creeps.

    Why grow Gold Splash wintercreeper?

    • Fabulous color combinations
    • Easy care
    • Useful mature size
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  • WHITE ALBUM® Euonymus

    An improved form of ‘Emerald Gaiety’ with brighter leaves, stable variegation, and a neat, consistent habit. Tolerates black walnut.

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