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    Looking to fill a tricky spot with constant color? Perhaps Stonehenge Dark Druid yew can do the job! It’s not only tolerant of any light exposure, it adapts to any soil condition except sogginess. Its evergreen foliage remains dark and handsome even throughout the winter, thanks to excellent winter hardiness. It grows quickly, satisfying even the most impatient gardeners! Its little habit is rounded and dense, giving instant interest to any garden with its fine texture. Pair it with practically anything, and voila, the garden looks lush.

    Why grow Stonehenge Dark Druid yew?

    • Tough landscape performance
    • Handsome evergreen foliage
    • Fast growing
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    Think of Stonehenge® taxus as a thin, faster-growing ‘Hicksii’. Perfect for hedging or foundation plantings where a narrow habit works best. This unique selection has been in our field trial for over five years and has never needed pruning, shearing, or shown signs of winter burn.

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    Similar to Stonehenge® Taxus, but even skinnier. There’s no pruning, shearing, and little to no spacing needed for this dense, dark green columnar yew. We’ve been watching this plant for over eight years, and it holds its dark color all year long and has never winter burned. It’s useful as a super-skinny, space-saving hedge or as a specimen plant.

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