Exposure: Full Sun Height: 3-5' Width/Spread: 2-3'

The perfect mix of purple and pink, Bloomerang Purpink lilac makes you question your eyes for more than its tricky coloration. When it was in the trial fields, we asked ourselves, “Is that really just one plant?” The number of blooms it can produce is pretty overwhelming, in a good way. It’s also one of the most prolific rebloomers in the Bloomerang series! So you’ll get to keep the nostalgia going with its classic beauty. Plant it near your windows to enjoy the fragrance or in a border by a well-loved pathway so you can gather some blooms each time you walk by. If you’re looking for a fabulous three-season plant, you’ve found your match.

Why grow Bloomerang Purpink lilac?
– Incredible bloom count
– Lovely nostalgic fragrance
– Nice, midsize habit


Light: Thrives in a spot that gets at least six hours of direct sun exposure. Any less and it won’t flower as much and may be more susceptible to pest and disease pressure.

Soil: Pretty particular about soil. Enjoys growing in neutral or alkaline soils, but won’t do as well in acidic soils. Absolutely needs good drainage, as any sogginess won’t be tolerated.

Water: Has average water needs. After it’s established, water when there are extended periods without precipitation.

Fertilizing: Apply a fertilizer formulated for woody, flowering plants once in the spring.

Pruning: A light trim is recommended just after spring bloom. This will give the plant a tidy appearance and encourage a more abundant rebloom, although it will delay it a bit. Trimming isn’t necessary to get the plant to rebloom.

Other: It makes a fantastic cut flower, bringing lovely fragrance and a cheerful view to any arrangement.

Botanical Name

Syringa x pubescens 'SMNSPTP' PP#35,123; CBRAF

Flower Color

Pink, Purple

Foliage Color







Full Sun


Average, Well-drained

Season of Interest

Spring; Midsummer to Frost


Borders, Containers, Cutting Gardens, Hedges, Specimen


Alkaline soil, Attracts pollinators, Clay soil, Cut flower, Deer resistant, Disease resistant, Fragrant, Reblooming

Blooms On

Old and new wood


Tim Wood

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