FAIRYTRAIL BRIDE® Cascade Hydrangea®

Zone: 6, 7, 8, 9 Exposure: Part Sun Height: 4' Width/Spread: 4'

Meet the first ever Cascade Hydrangea® available in North America! We’re confident you’ll love its unique horizontal growing habit, especially since flowers develop at every leaf cluster along its graceful, trailing stems. Its summer borne florets are filled with deckle-edged petals, bringing a frilly, lacy look to the landscape. There are no limits to the ways you can use Fairytrail Bride® in the garden – it’s ready to wow your neighbors in hanging baskets, containers, cascading over retaining walls, and filling in mixed beds.

We recommend part sun (4-6 hrs sun/day) for this plant; morning shade is particularly key for its success. See, the Cascade hydrangea plant itself is actually quite hardy. However, it blooms much, much earlier than other old wood-blooming hydrangeas, like big leaf and mountain. This makes its beautiful blooms extra susceptible to spring frosts and freezes. We found that if the plant is grown in a spot with morning shade, then the potential damage from those spring cold snaps is mitigated because the frost melts more slowly, limiting the damage it causes to the delicate floral tissue.

Why grow Fairytrail Bride® Cascade Hydrangea®:

– Incredibly floriferous!

– Lush! Mid-sized habit is filled with healthy green foliage.

– Totally new opportunity to love and learn more about hydrangeas.


Light: We recommend part sun, and specifically shade during the morning in winter and spring. This helps prevent damage to the flower buds from any late season frosts.

Soil: Prefers moist soil that drains easily. Flower color isn’t influenced by pH at all.

Water: Has average water needs. It does not respond well to any period of extended sogginess, like overwatering or heavy continuous rain events.

Fertilizing: Nothing special required. If desired, you may apply a granular fertilizer formulated for flowering woody plants in late winter/early spring when the soil is workable.

Pruning: Pruning is not recommended. Flower buds are formed on old wood, so any cuts will remove flowering potential. Dead or damaged wood can be removed at any time, just cut back to a set of leaves. If you’d like to prune to shape the plant, this can be done when the plant is starting to break dormancy in early spring or late winter, just look for swelling green leaf buds.

Other: Works well as a groundcover, able to spill over rock walls. Also looks great in a container!

Botanical Name

Hydrangea x 'USHYD0405' PP#31,120, CBRAF


6, 7, 8, 9

Flower Color


Foliage Color







Part Sun

Season of Interest



Borders, Foundations, Low Hedges, Specimen


Award winner, Cut flower

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