Zone: 4, 5, 6, 7 Exposure: Full Sun, Part Sun Height: 4' Width/Spread: 4'

Philadelphus typically has dull, paper-thin leaves that appear ratty and tattered, but Illuminati Arch philadelphus has thick, handsome, rugged foliage that keeps its deep green color all season long. Early summer brings cascades of white flowers with the sweet, old-fashioned mock orange scent everyone loves.


Light: Has the best foliage color and flowers most prolifically in sites with 6 or more hours of direct sun.

Soil: Best growth occurs in soils that hold even moisture and have good drainage. However, it’s fairly adaptable and will perform well in most soils.

Water: Has average water needs.

Fertilizing: If desired, you may apply a granular fertilizer formulated for flowering woody plants in late winter/early spring when the soil is workable.

Pruning: Pruning is not generally recommended. Flower buds are formed on old wood, so any cuts will likely remove flowering potential. If you’d like to prune to shape the plant, this can be done after the plant has flowered in the springtime. It does benefit from periodic rejuvenation pruning. Essentially you’ll just remove a few of the thickest, oldest stems all the way back to the ground to promote new growth. Dead or damaged wood can be removed at any time, just cut back to a set of leaves.

Other: Although they make a beautiful cut flower, keep in mind that harvesting can impact the future flower display.

Botanical Name

Philadelphus coronarius 'SMNPBD' PP#32,395, CBRAF


4, 5, 6, 7

Flower Color


Foliage Color







Full Sun, Part Sun


Any, Moist

Season of Interest

Late Spring


Borders, Foundations, Naturalizing, Specimen


Alkaline soil, Attracts pollinators, Clay soil, Compact, Cut flower, Deer resistant, Drought tolerant, Fragrant

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