Quick Fire Hydrangeas

This show-stopping, early-blooming hydrangea series fills your landscape with lots of wow. White flowers appear weeks earlier than other varieties and age to an attractive red-pink, providing months of color and beauty. The Quick Fire series offers a range of useful sizes, from large (Quick Fire Fab® hydrangea) to itty bitty (Tiny Quick Fire® hydrangea), making it easy to include in any garden. You can also bring their large blooms inside – panicle hydrangeas make great cut flowers!

  • TINY QUICK FIRE® Panicle Hydrangea

    There’s always that one garden spot we treasure, but nothing seems to do it justice. Until now! Tiny Quick Fire® panicle hydrangea is the plant for the job. It’s the smallest, most prolifically blooming hydrangea imaginable. Easily tucked into just about any spot, you’ll find it looks lovely in groups, in pots, and even as a tiny little edging hedge. Like the other members of the Quick Fire family, it blooms early. Its foliage is practically obscured by brilliant white blooms in early July, and by September, they’ve matured to rich dark pink. This tidy hydrangea is so easy to care for that it will soon become your go-to plant. Just plan to water it regularly while it’s getting established its first year, water during droughts after it’s established, and prune its old flowers off in the spring. And voila, you’ll have a trusty flowering plant ready to impress any visitor from summer into fall.

    Why grow Tiny Quick Fire® panicle hydrangea?

    • Extremely small habit means infinite uses in the garden
    • Early blooms extend hydrangea season
    • Flowers on new wood = reliable performance
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  • LITTLE QUICK FIRE® Panicle Hydrangea

    As a dwarf form of Quick Fire® hydrangea, Little Quick Fire® is just as early-blooming, but about one third of the size. Its blooms begin white and change to burgundy pink over a short time, giving the late summer garden a true jewel to marvel at. Flowering about a month earlier than other panicles and with the best fall foliage color of any panicle hydrangea, it lengthens the hydrangea season for any garden! This makes it an easy choice for foundation plantings, where its full habit softens the straight lines of a home and its blooms provide long-lasting dazzling beauty.

    Why grow Little Quick Fire® panicle hydrangea?

    • Useful compact size
    • Dramatic color show
    • Easy-care maintenance
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  • QUICK FIRE FAB® Panicle Hydrangea

    Start hydrangea season sooner with this early bloomer! Quick Fire Fab® panicle hydrangea’s massive football-shaped (and sized) blooms cover the entire plant from top to bottom before other hydrangeas’ buds have even begun to swell! Each flower opens a cheery lime color and turns to watermelon from the bottom upward, slowly becoming two-toned. Altogether the show is so fabulous it’s hard to look away. It fits nicely into a low-maintenance garden, as a specimen in your front yard, as foundation plants among favored perennials in a mixed bed, or wherever you need an easy-care colorful shrub.

    Why grow Quick Fire Fab® panicle hydrangea?

    • Early flowering extends the hydrangea season
    • Large, colorful blooms
    • Flowers on new wood = reliable performance
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  • QUICK FIRE® Panicle Hydrangea

    This extremely early bloomer fills the garden with lush lacecap loveliness well before other panicle hydrangeas have begun to bud out. Its fluffy flowers open bright white and mature to a soft shade of pink, just as other panicles are beginning to bloom. If you love hydrangeas, Quick Fire® will help you get the most out of the season! By the time fall rolls around, its blooms have finally matured to a rich, dark pink accompanying glowing red and orange fall foliage. It makes a handsome addition to mixed borders and perennial gardens. It sets buds on new wood, so you’ll never have to worry about harsh winters zapping your precious summer show.

    Why grow Quick Fire® panicle hydrangea?

    • Dazzlingly colorful flowers and foliage.
    • Quickly grows to its mature size.
    • Very strong stems.
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