Shrubs for Mom – Find the Perfect Gift

While we think all of our shrubs are pretty great, when it comes to giving them as gifts – especially for Mom – one size does not fit all. Just like moms, each one has a different personality,  so hand-select a shrub that will fit into their lifestyle or their interests! Here are a few categories to spark your imagination.

Some growing requirements to keep in mind as you make your selection:

Sun Exposure
Full sun means 6+ hours of direct light
Part sun means 4-6 hours of direct light; this is sometimes defined “part shade,” but they are interchangeable
Shade means fewer than 4 hours direct light

Mature Size Range
– varies from plant to plant
– choose a shrub that’s on the smaller side if you don’t know where they might want to plant it

USDA Zones
Enter Mom’s zip code into our  zone finder to find shrubs that will thrive in their climate; In Canada, please use this link to find your hardiness zone

Delights in Fragrance

– full sun | 3 ft. tall and wide | USDA zones 5-9
– romantic old-fashioned rose scent, without the old problems
– self-cleaning flowers, no need to deadhead
– reblooms throughout the summer

– full sun + part sun | 5-6 ft. tall and 3-4 ft. wide | USDA zones 4-7
– classic sweet orange blossom scent
– narrow habit + small footprint = endless garden placement options
– tough performer – cold hardy, deer resistant, drought tolerant

Enjoys Their Garden Year-Round

– full sun + part sun | 2 ft. tall and 4 ft. wide | USDA zones 3-8
– cheerful chartreuse coloring persists year round
– habit naturally stays small and rounded
– fanned foliage instantly softens a space, making it feel comfortable and welcoming

– full sun (in cooler zones) + part sun | 4-8 ft. tall and wide | USDA zones 5-9
– complex color show with differently colored buds, fresh flowers, and mature flowers
– handsome evergreen foliage thanks to good disease resistance
– better heat tolerance than other rhododendrons

Gathers Cut Flowers

– full sun + part sun | 3-4 ft. tall and wide | USDA zones 3-8
– dark, rich pink flowers 
– strong rebloomer, offers a show from mid-summer to frost
– rigid stems won’t flop like original ‘Annabelle’ hydrangea

– full sun | 3-5 ft. tall and 2-3 ft. wide | USDA zones 5-8
– blooms early summer and into fall, no deadheading needed
– long stems are great for arrangements
– is easily trained up a trellis, but also grows as a tall upright shrub

Likes a Cheerful View

– full sun | 3-6 ft. tall and 2-4 ft. wide | USDA zones 8-11
– bright orange, tubular flowers attract pollinators
– remains handsome without much care at all, as it is both drought tolerant and deer resistant
– versatile because of its relatively small size

– full sun + part sun | 2-3 ft. tall and wide | USDA zones 3-8
– blooms from late spring to fall 
– doesn’t need deadheading to rebloom or remain handsome
– naturally grows as a mound, no pruning needed

Loves Getting Nostalgic

– full sun + part sun | 4-6 ft. tall and 4-5 ft. wide | USDA zones 3-8
– more dramatic coloring than original ‘Limelight’ hydrangea
– thicker, stronger stems keep blooms upright through storms
– smaller footprint makes it easier to place in the garden

– full sun | 4-6 ft. tall and wide | USDA zones 2-8
– requires less chilling than other lilacs, so it will have success in warm climates
– strong fragrance thanks to its species – x hyacinthiflora
– reliable disease resistance

Prefers Low Maintenance Plants

– full sun | 2 ft. tall and 2-3 ft. wide | USDA zones 5-9
– has won awards for its drought tolerance
– reblooms without deadheading
– has a versatile small habit – will grow in containers, borders, and even works as a low hedge

– full sun | 5-8 ft. tall and 4 ft. wide | USDA zones 5-9
– super tough performance – tolerates drought and heat
– doesn’t need pruning to have a handsome habit
– unbothered by deer

Supports Wildlife

– full sun | 3-4 ft. tall and wide | USDA zones 4-10
– attracts pollinators with abundant summer blooms
– feeds birds in winter with its pretty red fruit
– more useful habit in comparison to massive straight species

– full sun + part sun | 4-5 ft. tall and wide | USDA zones 4-8
– fluffy early summer blooms attract pollinators
– dark blue berries feed birds in winter
– handsome, shiny foliage looks at home even in an ornamental garden

Seeks Out the Unusual

– full sun | 6-10 ft. tall and wide | USDA zones 5-9
– year-round interest with high quality foliage, white summer flowers, showy red bracts in fall, and exfoliating bark
– can easily be trained into a multi-stemmed tree
– makes a great specimen or easily fits into a mixed garden bed

– full sun + part sun | 2-3 ft. tall and 3-5 ft. wide | USDA zones 6-9
– color-changing foliage stays interesting all growing season
– attracts pollinators with flowers summer to frost
– very durable – heat tolerant + deer resistant

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